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Positive Feedback ISSUE 1
june/july 2002



The Higher End
by David W. Robinson



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Auric Illuminator, Audio Systeme Desk, and more!
by Dave Clark

The Art of System Tweaking
by Clay Swartz

Auroville 3, reviewing the reviewers.
by Srajan Ebaen

Auroville 2, for July.
by Srajan Ebaen

The Mysteries of His System, The Verses in His Life,
A Love Story
part Nine.
by Barry Grant

Moving forward, spending time with the Plinius SA-102 amplifier, 8200 integrated, and CD-LAD preamplifier.
by Ed Morawski

Yes, Polarity is Absolute (But Only Your Ears Know For Sure!)
by Clark Johnsen

Doctor Platus’ Phenomenal Prototype Platform
by Dave Glackin

An Eye for Electricity and an Ear for Mods, addressing Power and Parts in Amplifiers (a VAC Avatar) and the Digital Front End (a Sony SCD-1).
by Greg Maltz

Auroville 1, for June.
by Srajan Ebaen

CD Tweaks, HDTV and the Audiophile, and Shakti Onlines
by Clay Swartz

Delivering on DSD: An Inquisition into Inaccuracy,Thoughts on the Sonus Faber Signums and Harbeth HL Compact 7es Mk IIs loudspeakers, and the Bel Canto EVO 200.2 amplifier.
by Kelly Tang

Digging Into DSD, thoughts on the the Marantz SA-1 SACD player.
by Kelly Tang

"I Don’t Drive Stock!" Modding & Hotrodding the Sony SCD-1 SACD player, Part 1: The Audiocom Superclock and Superclock Power Supply.
by David W. Robinson

In Which PF Does MoFi, hears GAIN 2 & DSD, and returns to River City very impressed! (From the PF archives of significant articles, 1998)
by David W. Robinson

On the Margins: Gaining, at last, a Sense of Proportion, adjusting to a new home with the Audio Physic Tempo III loudspeakers, David Berning’s ZH-270 amplifier, and Equi=tech’s ET1.5RQ-FM power line conditioner.
by Tom Davis

the audio analyst, the ClearAudio Virtuoso Mk II moving magnet cartridge
by Greg Weaver

The "Mostly" Audiocom Modification of the SCD-777ES
by Jim Treanor

Tweaks and more!
by Dave Clark



A direct coupled, active loaded, parallel feed SE 45 amplifier
Design by John Tucker, with contributions by Mike LaFevre, John Camille, and Kim Jenkins.

DIY Audio: the Journey
by Kevin Haskins

Kismet 3: the Last Generation
by Fabio Camorani



Marigo Audio Labs VTS Tuning Dots
as reviewed by Dave Clark and Francisco Duran

Audes Studio loudspeakers
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz, Jim Grudzien, and Victor Chavira

Lamm LL2 preamplifier
as reviewed by Larry Cox and Francisco Duran

Empirical Audio Holophonic interconnects and Clarity 7 speaker cables
as reviewed by Ed Morawski and Carlo Flores

Antique Sound Labs AQ1001DT integrated 
as reviewed by Francisco Duran, Dave Clark, and Victor Chavira

Walker Audio Ultimate High Definition Links
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Media Access Aurios MIBs
as reviewed by Dave Clark and Francisco Duran

47 Laboratory Flatfish CD player and Progression DAC
as reviewed by Francisco Duran, Dave Clark, Larry Fisher,
and Larry Cox.

Final Labs Daruma 3II isolation bearings
as reviewed by Larry Cox, Dave Clark, and Francisco Duran

McIntosh MC352 amplifier
as reviewed by Larry Cox, Dave Clark, and Victor Chavira

Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

Audio Valve Eklipse preamplifier
as reviewed by Art Shapiro

Arcam CD72T DiVA CD player
as reviewed by Ed Morawski, Larry Cox, and Jim Grudzien

Dynaudio Contour 3.3 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Pat Brady, Dave Clark, and Bryan Gladstone

Final Labs Music 5 preamplifier and Music 6 amplifier
as reviewed by Dave Clark, Mark Katz, and Francisco Duran

47 Laboratory 50-watt Gaincard integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Larry Cox, Steve Lefkowicz, and Francisco Duran

Gryphon Callisto 2100 integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Ed Morwaski, Roger McNichols, Jr., and Victor Chavira

Joule Electra Stargate amplifiers (plus an interview with Judd Barber)
as reviewed by Bryan Gladstone, Mark Katz, and Dave Clark

JPS Kaptovator AC cord
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Linn Komri Reference Monitor loudspeakers
as reviewed by David W. Robinson

Magnum Dynalab MD-308 integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Larry Cox, Victor Chavira, and Carlo Flores

nOrh CD-1 CD player
as reviewed by Ed Morawski, Carlo Flores, and Francisco Duran

Peter Belt "X" Coordinate Pen
as reviewed by Carol Clark (with a little help from Dave)

Shakti Innovations Stones and On-Lines
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Stealth M7 interconnects, speaker, and AC cables
as reviewed by Francisco Duran, Dave Clark, and Mark Katz

Taddeo Passive Digital Antidote Two<
as reviewed by Greg Ewing

Talon Khorus loudspeakers and Roc subwoofers
as reviewed by Clement Perry with a follow-up by Stu McCreary

WAVAC MD-811 amplifier
as reviewed by Rick Gardner



Stan Ricker Live and Unplugged: True Confessions of a Musical and Mastering Maven, Part 1
by Dave Glackin

An Interview with Scott Frankland
by Mike Pappas

An Interview with Tony Taddeo
by Dave Clark

An Interview with Winston Ma, Part 1: Ma’s Entry Into Fine Audio
by David W. Robinson & Rick Gardner



Three Jazz Titles: Bernie Wallace, Sarah Vaughan, and Jacintha
by Dave Glackin

The Vinyl Cheapskate, CES 2002 - Vinylwise
by Roger S. Gordon

Dr. Sardonicus Does the Music! or "Where Rick reviews a gazillion discs!"
by Rick "Dr. Sardonicus" Gardner

Sunier on Hi-Res
by John Sunier

Maltz on SACD (continued from Positive Feedback, Vol. 9, No. 2)
by Greg Maltz

A Baker’s Dozen, Minus One: LPs and CDs from CES 2001
by Dave Glackin

Karrin Allyson, Ballads: Remembering John Coltrane
by Dave Glackin

Four Times the Blues: Wild Child Butler, Henry Gray, Pinetop Perkins, and Harry "Big Daddy" Hypolite
by Dave Glackin

New Releases: Tom Waits, Lauryn Hill, and Paul Westerberg
by Carlo Flores

Miles Davis, Young Man With a Horn
by Dave Glackin

The Classic Records Reissue, Heifetz Playing Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy: One of My Top Two Shaded Dogs
by Dave Glackin



Livin’ with the Blues in Salina: Sho’ ‘Nuff, Sho’ ‘Nuff
by Dave Glackin

Music, Sound and Personalities: The 2002 WCES and T.H.E. Expo
By Dave Glackin