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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 1 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010025.jpg (28490 bytes)

Nordost with their new AC power cords. Naturally, they are quite beautiful to look at...

P1010026.jpg (26047 bytes)

Lars, the man himself, doing the "Dance of the Wires" that he has developed into such a fine demonstration of what Nordost is all about.

P1010027.jpg (24370 bytes)

A gaggle of Nordost cables! Nice and neat, nah... but that is the idea!

P1010029.jpg (16866 bytes)

Acoustic Dreams with the stunning speakers from Ayon as well as the Ayon electronics. Clean, clean, and more clean.

P1010030.jpg (21848 bytes)

The Ayon amplifier... really sharp.

P1010031.jpg (22900 bytes)

The Acoustic System that addresses room resonances. These small "cups" were attached on the wall... and hey, the room sounded good. Would be interesting to get them here for review. They also make some very cool "feet" as well.

P1010033.jpg (19999 bytes)

More from Acoustic Dreams featuring the 'bigger" Ayon speakers and the Vyger Indian table, along with cabling from Shunyata.

P1010034.jpg (21206 bytes)

Mr. Shunyata himself, Caelin Gabriel with a whole host of snakes (cables) and power conditioners.

P1010035.jpg (19251 bytes)

The "bones" of a snake. Caelin showed the bare cables revealing what is really going on inside. A nice change to those who like to keep us guessing.

P1010037.jpg (15705 bytes)

The Hovland room had a classic Garrad table to spin analog.

P1010039.jpg (25786 bytes)

Blue was the color of choice and the sound tended to emote that sense of presence to the room.

P1010040.jpg (17427 bytes)

The new Hovland amp with Wilson WATT speakers.

P1010041.jpg (27778 bytes)

The new HP-200 preamplifier.

P1010043.jpg (17850 bytes)

The Rowland room was awash with a very big and robust sound courtesy of JM Labs and their own rich and diminutive 201 amplifiers. Really sweet.

P1010044.jpg (31883 bytes)

P1010046.jpg (19971 bytes)

The Pathos room, with Music Tools racks and stands.

P1010047.jpg (16717 bytes)

P1010048.jpg (22123 bytes)

Truly beautiful to look at and to listen with as well.

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