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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 1 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010049.jpg (24110 bytes)

Bill Stierhout of Quantum in the Roksan and Gradient room of May Audio. Small but oh so powerful. The Quantum unit that is, not Bill!

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The Divergent Technology room was a killer featuring the new Dulcet from Reference 3a, by Daniel DeHay. Really amazing sound from such a small box.

P1010055.jpg (13658 bytes)

The Dulcet at $1600 a pair.

P1010053.jpg (28870 bytes)

Antique Sound Labs "reformed" amplifiers.

P1010054.jpg (16966 bytes)

A plethora of Chang Lightspeed units in the Divergent room.

P1010057.jpg (21650 bytes)

The Merlin room with the newest version of the VSM, the Millennium. Killer sound that truly defied their size. Cardas cabling with CAT electronics.

P1010058.jpg (20893 bytes)

A big VPI in the Merlin room. Lots of vinyl this year in just about every room!

P1010059.jpg (19117 bytes)

Rich Brkich of Signature Sound... what a nice guy too!

P1010060.jpg (21588 bytes)

Another nice guy, Bobby Palkovich of Merlin. Driven to perfection and the sound showed it!

P1010063.jpg (23887 bytes)

The other May Audio room featured Combak's Reimyo electronics - really easy on the eyes while being easy on the ears too!

P1010064.jpg (19700 bytes)

The Fried and Muse room was a nice get-away as well. Hey, fried muses for dinner!

P1010066.jpg (14190 bytes)

The Reference Audio Mods' room with Mantra Sound Dulcet horn loudspeakers. Audio Consulting Rock Solid amplifiers a dwarfed in the middle. Clean and dynamic.

P1010067.jpg (28307 bytes)

Housed inside this gorgeous box is a highly modified Sony 777 SACD player.

P1010068.jpg (22445 bytes)

Audio Consulting Silver Rock "preamplifier."

P1010069.jpg (14981 bytes)

Gee, talk about filtering the AC, this is a serious chain of transformers and what-nots.

P1010070.jpg (23067 bytes)

The Teres 200 table with a Morsiani wood arm.

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