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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 2 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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The Music Direst room had the new Mobile Fidelity OML-2 speakers with PS Audio electronics. Nice and clean, though a bit too lean! Did demonstrate the new Ground Zero from Granite Audio that eliminates hum and crap. Worked wonders at removing a ground loop in their system.

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FAL Company Ltd. had some very unusual speakers using a combination of a Heil driver and their own air-motion transformer in a lager open baffle design. Sounded interesting...

P1010159.jpg (23020 bytes)

Acoustic Partners using the Alons as well. Sounded good with Berendsen electronics.

P1010161.jpg (16737 bytes)

The GTT room with Lamm and Kharma was tucked so far in the back, we thought we were at the airport. Sounded like a Lamm and Kharma system—fast, clean, and musical.

P1010163.jpg (23361 bytes)

Magnum Dynalab with their tower of power.

P1010164.jpg (19103 bytes)

Danger Will Robinson!

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Stereovox and Peak Consulting sound big and powerful using Lamm amplification.

P1010169.jpg (21849 bytes)

The deHavilland and Prana wire room sounded as musical as all get out! We found this one to be a place to take an extended listen when we had a spare moment. Oh, and the Alons again!!

P1010170.jpg (23281 bytes)

The GM-70 amplifier with a Prana cabling running this way and that!

P1010171.jpg (24119 bytes)

Oh, cool reel-to-reel in the deHavilland room with tapes too!

P1010175.jpg (20355 bytes)

Joe Cohen, Bryan Gladstone, and Carol Clark in the deHavilland/Prana room. "No Bryan, I will not give you the system."

P1010173.jpg (18982 bytes)

Tetra Live speaker ($6800) sounded very nice with CJ and Birdland Audio electronics.

P1010174.jpg (30976 bytes)

Birdland's new preamplifier with glow in the dark lighting—looked very beautiful too.

P1010177.jpg (24960 bytes)

The QS and D room with Spendor and Talk electronics sounded very British with a rather stiff upper lip.

P1010178.jpg (26186 bytes)

A gaggle of NAIM in the QS and D room.

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