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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 3 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010032.jpg (26308 bytes)

PS Audio threw in everything, but the kitchen sink.

P1010033.jpg (22225 bytes)

Tons of cables and wires.

P1010034.jpg (20066 bytes)

The man himself, Paul McGowan.

P1010035.jpg (27190 bytes)

PS Audio electronics with the new line speaker from Mark Shifter—Onix loudspeakers. With Mark, you get a lot of product for the money

P1010036.jpg (21307 bytes)

Paul holding the new amplifier module that can be configured from 1 to 6 channels. Each channel should cost you around grand!

P1010038.jpg (23325 bytes)

Biggest knobs (not counting the AVS attendees of course) go to this unknown amplifier and preamplifier.

P1010039.jpg (15499 bytes)

Acoustic Signature table—any material you want, as long as it is metal.

P1010040.jpg (19872 bytes)

Mr. Isophon, Dr. Roland Gauder with a cross-section of his speaker.

P1010042.jpg (21568 bytes)

Gershman showed their updated GAP speakers. Always sounding good and musical. Was it the Linar electronics making their mark?

P1010043.jpg (24537 bytes)

The Linar Audio amplifier.

P1010044.jpg (22048 bytes)

A killer sound from the Gershman Avant Garde RX-20. Small, but at the same time, oh so big!

P1010046.jpg (18498 bytes)

Simaudio showed their "Limited Edition" series of Moon products—only 200 of each is available.

P1010047.jpg (26069 bytes)

Simaudio with Dynaudio sounded big and robust with that fast Dynaudio presence.

P1010049.jpg (19781 bytes)

Rogue used the Avid Acutus table.

P1010050.jpg (19207 bytes)

The new Rogue 150 amplifiers (more power and easier to deal with) and Meadowlark's Nighthawk sounded really good with a very musical yet not overbearing "big" sound. Just the right amount of bottom end that did not overpower the room. Oh, and Acoustic Zen cabling to hold everything together.Lights not included.

P1010051.jpg (23664 bytes)

The smaller system using Rogue and Meadowlark Kestral 2s, along with Acoustic Zen cabling.

P1010052.jpg (18902 bytes)

The less expensive Avid Diva table at around $2500.

P1010053.jpg (20577 bytes)

A Rogue front end with their new solid-state Stealth phono stage.

P1010054.jpg (19938 bytes)

The men of Rogue; Mark O'Brien (center), Phil Koch (left), and Nick Fitzsimmons (right).

P1010056.jpg (21491 bytes)

Nova and Threshold (partners) showed off components that provided a lot of musical value.

P1010058.jpg (17461 bytes)

The Threshold line of electronics that bring serious performance to those with limited cash—like 25o stereo watts for $2500!

P1010060.jpg (22131 bytes)

Wavac showed with ESP Concert Grands. What a smooth, effortless sound that filled the room with magic!

P1010061.jpg (26115 bytes)

Wavac used a Basis table to good effect. Nothing inexpensive in this room—thanks Arnold!

P1010063.jpg (13974 bytes)

The AudioMachina room showed their new Reference Monitor that has some serious potential. Very expensive for a small, but interesting speaker.

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