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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 3 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010066.jpg (22508 bytes)

Jim Ricketts of tmh Audio with the Talon speakers, the Wavac PR-1 linestage, MD-805m amplifiers, and all cabling by Argento. This system had no peers at the show in terms of refinement, ease, and musicality. Truly remarkable! On the other hand this system was well into the 6 figure mark pricewise!!

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From left to right; Joe Lavrencik (Critical Mass isolation platforms), David Elrod (Elrod power cables), and Judd Barber (Joule Electra).

P1010069.jpg (17662 bytes)

Great sound, but I would not have expected otherwise. The Joseph Audio Pearl speakers with Cardas cabling sounded really good too!

P1010070.jpg (42225 bytes)

A nice close shot of the few tubes Judd uses in the VZN-220 Rite of Passage amplifiers.

P1010071.jpg (19757 bytes)

Another VPI table.

P1010072.jpg (27429 bytes)

Hey David, can you make anything bigger? My friend's cables make these look anemic by comparison!

P1010074.jpg (27025 bytes)

Joseph Audio and Cardas room with all Theta electronics.

P1010076.jpg (21351 bytes)

Silverline using Pass Labs electronics sounded really good too!

P1010077.jpg (21696 bytes)

Alan Yun with his new Sonata III speakers.

P1010079.jpg (24648 bytes)

A nice Basis table.

P1010080.jpg (17849 bytes)

Ditto for those just getting into analog.

P1010082.jpg (18148 bytes)

The Pass room with their speakers sounded big and rock solid.

P1010083.jpg (31766 bytes)

Like blue velvet!

P1010084.jpg (22351 bytes)

The entry level Pass Labs preamplifier 2.2.

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