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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 4 of a few more to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010134.jpg (22787 bytes)

The Nagra room—how cool is Nagra?—sounded clean and very nice. Killer racks too!

P1010135.jpg (23285 bytes)

More Nagra with Verity speakers.

P1010137.jpg (20113 bytes)

Electrocompaniet showed with the smaller Talons, along with HRS and Rives. Sounded good and well integrated with a separate sub-woofer in the middle-rear.

P1010139.jpg (23988 bytes)

Mel Audio from Italy, showed their Casaq II integrated with some speakers that slipped by us. The Sound was very natural and relaxed. Killer looking stuff too.

P1010141.jpg (23168 bytes)

The Gryphon system producing a very clean and, at the time, way too analytical sound that lacked warmth and richness. Fortunate they got it under control and the sound was WAY better later in the show.

P1010142.jpg (25852 bytes)

Their new statement CD player at a cool $12,500! Some of the most beautiful stuff for the eyes!

P1010143.jpg (20387 bytes)

The Tenor and Kharma room sounded rather good. Very transparent and musical with nary a hint of compression.

P1010144.jpg (24388 bytes)

The EMM Labs DAC and transport being put to good use in the Tenor/Kharma room.

P1010145.jpg (22162 bytes)

A friendly group shot of PFO's Danny Kaey (center rear), Carol Clark (left), and Carlo Flores (center), with Dan Meinwald (far right) of E.A.R. USA and Leif Olofsson of Marten Designs (far left).

P1010146.jpg (19962 bytes)

Ron Sutherland, the man himself, with his PhD. phono stage. Recipient of the 2003 Brutus Award for most excellent product. Nice guy too!

P1010147.jpg (22022 bytes)

Ron Hedrich of Marigo making a nice return to the show (oh, from here on we at T.H.E. SHOW) with so many dots, you could do all of Vegas and still have some left over. A great product that belies their appearance.

P1010149.jpg (17939 bytes)

Audience's John McDonald with their integrated speakers.

P1010151.jpg (23615 bytes)

Granite Audio brought the whole factory with lots to sell. The sound was good too.

P1010152.jpg (28666 bytes)

The new Granite Audio headphone amplifier.

P1010154.jpg (15810 bytes)

Buggtussel showed with Opera Audio (Consonance electronics) and the sound was typical of their set-ups—great musicality that was easy on the ears.

P1010155.jpg (21284 bytes)

The bigger 'tussles with the Consonance Cyber 800 amplifiers. Love the Consonance stuff on looks along—but they sound really good too! All cabling by Granite Audio.

P1010156.jpg (19274 bytes)

Close up of the new Consonance tubed integrated.

P1010158.jpg (23647 bytes)

Monarchy Audio showed with Eminent Technology and the system was really swinging when we entered. Good set-up that was simple and musical.

P1010159.jpg (22878 bytes)

Atma-Sphere, Quintessence, Bright Star, and Goertz had a bigger room to fit a bigger system that resulted in a bigger sound. Even with all those drivers in their own enclosures, the sound was pretty much seamless and musical, but BIG!

P1010160.jpg (25507 bytes)

Even perhaps bigger, the Tyler room showed their new Windmere ($12k) with Jolida, Cardas, and Rowland. Nice too!

P1010163.jpg (19730 bytes)

The Final laser turntable did not impress. Yes it plays records, but gee, I thought the idea was that one would not hear all the ticks and pops. Very noisy.

P1010165.jpg (22377 bytes)

Silicon Arts showed with the ESP Concert Grands. Nice return to one of the more envied speakers around.

P1010167.jpg (23029 bytes)

Overkill showed their speaker based on the Manger driver and their own patented "Firebird" bass system, with the big EC amps. Nice, but not enough time to say what the deal was really all about.

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