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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 4 of a few more to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010169.jpg (26460 bytes) showed the new Kuzma linear tracking arm that at $7k was amazing to see. Beautifully made and what a tracker! Shown with the older Kuzma table, the system was one to goggle for an hour or more!

P1010170.jpg (26585 bytes)

In the same room as Kuzma, was the Tom Evans phono and line stages doing their thang! The bottles are not treating the room, but will treat your LPs to a good cleaning!

P1010171.jpg (33862 bytes)

The Tom Evans amplifier—tossed to the bottom and a bit dusty to boot! A product like this deserves a better set-up! Still, it is a gorgeous hunk of electronics.

P1010175.jpg (23697 bytes)

The Art Audio room was awash with luscious sound and color (see below) with Cain and Cain speakers and Gill Audio Designs' electronics. One of the cooler people, Joe Fratus is the head honcho and speaks to our hearts when it comes to music and a commitment to fine audio.

P1010176.jpg (36089 bytes)

P1010178.jpg (26756 bytes)

O.S. Services had everything they import and distribute. Let's put it this way, if you wanted to hear a component they carried, it was at the show!

P1010179.jpg (34676 bytes)

O.S. Services and the Armonia integrated.

P1010181.jpg (13941 bytes)

Audia Audio and Atma-Sphere (who seemed to be in a lot of the better rooms...!) showed with MSB and Silver Audio. Good sounding set-up, but again we were on the run!

P1010182.jpg (22196 bytes)

Abraham Laboriel using the Gilmore speakers as his bass cabinets. Sounded good though the lowest octave was missing. (see our letters section for comments by the manufacturer.)

P1010183.jpg (23578 bytes)

Oh, and he did it through a bank of Atma-Sphere electronics! Clean and very dynamic with amazing speed and definition. (see our letters section for comments by the manufacturer.)

P1010185.jpg (17142 bytes)

Cain and Cain showed with 47 labs and the sound was excellent. Very big and musical with no hint of compression or single-driver limitations.

P1010186.jpg (23559 bytes)

Hey, give me a dust rag Yoshi! The Pi-Tracer transport from 47 Labs.

P1010187.jpg (15090 bytes)

The whole Shigaraki Series. Affordability sans poor sound. Japanese audio arts raised to the highest bar. I want it!

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