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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 4 of a few more to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010189.jpg (21178 bytes)

Steve and Janet Nugent of Empirical Audio with a system that is completely modified in some way. Sounded good and the Nugents are two of the nicer people in audio. What a refreshing room to visit.

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Speaker Art, Tek-Line and Sonic Euphoria had a nice room with a musical sound.

P1010192.jpg (35434 bytes)

A mass of wiring in the Sonic Euphoria passive line stage.

P1010193.jpg (16298 bytes)

Tek-Lines' line of cable products.

P1010195.jpg (15141 bytes)

Black Diamond Racing (welcome back DJ!) showed with Glass Amplifier, Teres, and DeVore Gibbon speakers. Excellent sound too. Love the BDR products too! A Power Wing is to the right cleaning up the hotel's AC grunge.

P1010196.jpg (25630 bytes)

The Teres with a BDR plinth! Really cool!

P1010197.jpg (16199 bytes)

The Glass Amplifier with its BDR case-work.

P1010199.jpg (15034 bytes)

A new company, DeVore, showed their Gibbon speakers and for the money these are a steal. Great sound from such a simple and elegant box. One to watch! In the room was Art Audio, Stereovox, Well tempered, Sugden, Accuphase, van den Hul, and the Power Wing from World Power (Brutus recipient from PFO).

P1010201.jpg (23094 bytes)

The Audipax room sounded really good. Those are Audipax speakers too!

P1010001.jpg (14424 bytes)

The Zanden 2000 transport and DAC (below) were used in the Audipax room along with BPT, Grand Prix stands, and Z Cables (power) and Lindsay Cables (interconnect and speaker).

P1010002.jpg (15429 bytes)

Mr. Zanden himself, Kazutoshi Yamada!

P1010004.jpg (28162 bytes)

Audio Research showed with Vandersteen and sounded like all their demos have, really good! Nice wide soundfield with a nice sense of musicality that filled the room.