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Positive Feedback ISSUE 20


Industry Perspectives: Some New Ways to use Walker Audio's Enhanced-SST and SST Contact Treatment
by Lloyd Walker


Photographs by Lloyd and Felicia Walker (motorcycle sequence); other photos and frescoes by David W. Robinson.

Readers of PFO are well aware of the extremely high regard that I have for Walker Audio, and for Lloyd Walker himself. The Enhanced-SST Contact Enhancer is a major favorite in my personal system …wouldn't be caught without it! When Lloyd began to tell me of other uses for SST, I encouraged him to put together a brief article to describe these applications, which he kindly did for me. We offer this to our readers as an intriguing description of how an audio product might find utility in other domains. As always, readers are advised to proceed with care, and at their own risk; PFO disclaims any liability of any kind for the use/misuse of the procedures that Lloyd discusses. We would recommend that you confer with Walker Audio before trying these on your own.

BTW: For those who are skeptical about Lloyd's experience, or who feel that there might be a "conflict of interest," you need to know that I've gotten verification of similar results from another audio industry contact of mine who is using a completely different product. This looks to be a genuine effect; skeptics are invited to try it for themselves. At the heart of fine audio is the empirical, my friends….

You know, Walker Audio now has over 4000 people using our Enhanced SST (E-SST) and SST Super Silver Treatment around the world. It is an unbelievable success everywhere it's been tried.

Not long after it was introduced, two customers called us and swore their cars ran better and got better gas mileage after applying E-SST to the vehicles' electrical connections. One customer who races cars claimed it lowered his quarter-mile time almost two-tenths of a second. What's more, by applying E-SST to his headlight connections, he said the light was 10% brighter, as measured by a light meter.

Although skeptical, we tried it ourselves and found that it did improve the car performance significantly. Our own cars run much smoother, quieter, have more power, and fuel mileage is approximately 10% better. Even the transmission seems to shift more smoothly. The results are remarkable.

The Lloydmeister with his E-SST'ed Yamaha

Putting it to a challenging test, I treated every electrical connection on our 1987 Yamaha Venture Royale motorcycle, including the charging and ignition systems, lights, and all the connections with E-SST. My wife Felicia and I then toured 19 states in 25 days covering more than 7,000 miles.


Felicia Walker doin' that SST cross-country thang…

This is our third cross-country trip in the past four years, and I kept mileage records on each. We ride two-up with approximately 150 pounds of gear. In the first two trips, fuel mileage varied between 32 and 36 miles per gallon. This trip it ranged between 40 and 46 miles per gallon, and the Yamaha ran noticeable better. Applying the E-SST was the only change to the motorcycle from the previous trips. I can tell you that with today's gas prices, it is quite satisfying to get 40+ miles per gallon.

Lloyd getting ready to ease down the road, E-SST silver-glide fashion…

Our customers are experimenting by applying it to every electrical connection you could image. We thought the person who tried putting it on a hair dryer was bit unusual, but my favorite is the customer who put it on his weed whacker! Lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment with engines can benefit from it.

Felicia taking a break…it's made in the shade, she is!

In a more tradition use, E-SST can improve the sound from the audio system in a car when applied to radio and speaker connections, just as you get when you apply it to your home audio or home theater system.

Advanced Uses

We've also heard from our more adventurous customers, reviewers and manufacturers who have applied E-SST to the inside connections of projectors, computers, and DVD players. We've done these treatments ourselves, as well. The results are astounding, producing very obvious improvements in both audio and video playback quality in systems at all price points.

This is not recommended for most people, only for qualified electronic technicians. The inside connections are very small and close together, and can be fragile. Use a bright light and magnifying glasses to see the connections, and a sharp toothpick to apply E-SST. Use only a tiny amount on ¼ to ½ of the length of the pin. And use extreme care to avoid damaging the connectors and/or shorting out your equipment.

How to Use Enhanced-SST (E-SST) and SST

Whether you are putting it on audio and video equipment or something else, the same rules apply. It is best to clean the connections with a contact cleaner that leaves no residue. If the contact is corroded, you can lightly sand or scrape it. Then clean it.

Lloyd Walker applying a VERY THIN coat of SST to an Omega Mikro Active plug in my listening room—proper technique in action

Apply a very thin (almost transparent) coat of E-SST or SST to the male end of the connector. I've been asked which end is the male end. For the uninitiated, the male end of a connector is the part that sticks out—think anatomy! Apply to the male end or to the ring connector or to the end of the spark plug that the plug wire goes to. Remember, very thin. More is not better.

If you get too much, use alcohol or contact cleaner to remove it. Take your time and pay close attention. We remind everyone that you use E-SST and SST at your own risk. E-SST and SST are very conductive. If you get it across a connection, you can short out your equipment. When applied properly, you will have no problems. In fact, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the results or we will refund the purchase price.

Over time, E-SST and SST will dry to a thick paste. This is by design so that it does not migrate. In the bottle, if the E-SST and SST thickens, simply add two or three drops of 100% canola oil available at any grocery store and mix with a toothpick. Canola oil has similar properties and will thicken over time, but will not effect the connection or the sound.

E-SST and SST will work on any electrical connection. It is a true contact enhancer. You will get better sound, video and performance—even in your car or motorcycle! The uses for E-SST and SST continue to grow as we hear from more customers who discover new ways to use it. E-SST and SST are so effective when used in audio and video systems that we and others have realized it could be used anywhere electrical connections are essential.