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Positive Feedback ISSUE 25


HE 2006 - Page 3
by Dave and Carol Clark


Rethm, Stealth Cables, and Metronome, Sound Engineering, and New Audio Frontiers showed together. The first day they had the speakers firing across the short end of the room, the later days had them firing the long way... way better that way. Still, they need a bigger room.

The front-end: Stealth cables, Metronome, Sound Engineering, and New Audio Frontiers. Preferred the same set-up at CES in a bigger room.

Imagine HiFi showed the big JAS Plato loudspeakers with NuForce amplification, Passthru cabling, and Esoteric sources. Nice sound.

The Plato loudspeaker ($22.8k)... clean and mean... yet musical too! Only comes in white. Like me!

Brooks Berdan showed Ayre's C-5xe universal player ($5950), the K-1x preamplifier ($8600 with phono section), their cables, and Vandersteen Quatro Wood speakers.

The new Ayre MX-R mono amplifier ($16.5k/pair 300W)... very cool.

May Audio showed a Combak/Harmonix Reimyo system with all Reimyo electronics and the the new Combak Bravo speakers and various Combak sundries.

The PAT-777 amplifier...

...and the CAT-777 preamplifier and CDP-777 CD player... making very good music. Not big (small speakers), but nice just the same... music.

Studio Electric has re-done their speakers and they now sound much... MUCH better that they did at CES. Previously, they needed to be bi-amped and now the subs are more passive... resulting a way more coherently musical presentation. Nice integration. Off to the sides are a new-ish speaker based on a pro-version that the HT crowed have gone gaga over.

The Studio Electric head unit... too cool for audio...

...and the Studio Electrics' electronics.

Joseph Audio with Moscode, Cardas, Placette Audio, Sim Audio, and Echo Busters...

The Moscode amplifier that everyone is going nuts over...

...and George Kay himself... if looks could kill... actually a very nice man.

The Acoustic Zen, ModWright, Red Dragon, and the Golden Sound room sounded very good. The him track rocked here, though I wish it had been played a bit louder... even so this was way musical!

Red Dragon amplification and Acoustic Zen cabling with the Adagio loudspeakers.

ModWright electronics...

The new blue SWL 9.0SE preamplifier... the new blue faceplate resulted in the preamplifier being more colorful and blue sounding... wink, wink...

Golden Sound had various items in the room...  Golden Sound Pads, Acoustic Discs, Pebbles, Magic Ring, Soundstage Enhancer... etc. All used to good effect.

Dan... the man... done Wright!

The von Schwiekert, Harmonic Technology, Channel Island Audio room was very nice. They used the new VR-5 Seniors and the new Channel Island Audio D-400 amplifiers with HT cabling.

A full rack of Channel Island Audio's electronics...

Steve, Jim Wang (Harmonic Technology) and Dusty Vawter (Channel Island).

Part 2 to come soon!