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Positive Feedback ISSUE 25


Harmonic Technology's Battery Pack III for the Cyberlight interconnects
by Robert H. Levi


The Battery Pack III for the Cyberlight interconnects from Harmonic Technology is more powerful, more elegant, and sounds more detailed than the previous models. With the Battery Pack III, the Harmonic Technology Cyberlight interconnects go up a big notch, musically and dynamically. The first battery supply designed by HT from the ground up, the Battery Pack III also features an improved ergonomic design. It is priced the same as the Battery Pack II, and you can trade in your Pack II plus $100 and shipping. Well done, Harmonic Technology.

Like the Pack II, the Battery Pack III powers three pairs of Cyberlight interconnects, and is left plugged in at all times. Though quieter on power-up than the previous models, it is still necessary to have your amp muted (or off) when switching to the DC position for listening. The unit is clearly labeled and illuminated. A grounded, detachable power cord is included, and I donít think an up-market one is necessary.

I compared the Pack III to the Pack I and II. The I and II sounded the same, but the III has about 20 percent more dynamic range and a silkier, more detailed high end. It also sounds a bit quieter, with somewhat blacker blacks. If these were the only improvements, it would be well worth trading up, but thereís more. I heard a slight glare after long listening sessions with the Cyberlights and the Pack II. I presumed it was the source, the battery, or listener fatigue, but the Pack III eliminates the problem. The mids sound even more natural, and though the bass did not improve as much as the highs, it has a bit more slam and firmness. My system sounds sweeter and easier to listen to. It also has better depth perspective. All this seems quite logical, given a better, stiffer battery supply. Iíd have paid a lot more than $100 for this improvement!

Wide-open, super-smooth, ultra-elegant sound is a hallmark of the fiber optic Cyberlights, and they are better than ever with the new Battery Pack III. Hi-fi has become quite an adventure in the 21st Century, and the Cyberlights are a 21st-Century solution to connectivity. Nothing in this price range can beat these wonderful cables with the Battery Pack III, which has my highest recommendation. Robert H. Levi

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