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Positive Feedback ISSUE 27
september/october 2006


RMAF 2006 - Page 4


Michael Allen of Jolida with the whole Jolida line. Sounded very nice and all...

Jolida JD 1000RC 100W per channel Integrated amp comes with a remote control. Big... BIG it is.

Jolida showed a full line of products including their CD Player, JD502BRC 60W per channel integrated amp, the JD1501RC 100W per channel integrated hybrid amp, and many more.

Jolida with mbl loudspeakers ...and it worked too. Yes, they need lots of power and can kill an amplifier without a second thought, but it worked quite fine.

Facet Audio Labs LMF101A "Banshee" loudspeakers $4595 pair with Audio Crafters Guild amps.

Facet CC122A center channel $2195 and BC130A bass cabinet $2245.

Aaudio Imports showed Eventus Phobos loudspeakers $13,800 pair, very nice and stunningly good looking!

The Einstein phonostage with plug and play loading. Really cool. Load as you go and hear what works best as the vinyl be spinning.

The audiogeek circuit panel from Planet 9. Very nice idea....

The whole Aaudio imports line-up with Acapella, Accustic Arts Dac and Transport, Einstein amp and preamp, Eventus loudspeakers, Isoclean, Stealth cables, and TAOC rack.

David Robinson with Robert Harley. Yes, we can all get along.

Pure Vinyl for digital LP conversion, archival, editing, and playback software. Very cool idea of how to transfer vinyl to your music server of choice ...Danny ...interested you be?

John Stronczer of Bel Canto. Really good stuff they have here.

Andrew Jones of Pioneer doing the jig. Great speakers he has done for Pioneer!

Bel Canto e.One line of electronics and Pioneer S-1EX loudspeakers. This room had that refined, relaxed presence that allowed one to listen and listen and listen and listen and listen for a long time. At least for five times...

Linn table for all ages... still spinning and sounding new.

Linn Majik System  includes Majik CD player, Majik Kontrol preamp with phono stage, and Majik 2100 amp shown with Ninka loudspeakers. Nice sound here.

Joe Kubala of Kubala-Sosna.

Kharma CRM 3.2fe loudspeakers $21,000 pair with Kharma MP150 power amps $6800 pair featuring Kubala-Sosna Emotion cables $1200 1st meter pair. Always good sound in this room.

Amber Wave Audio 304TL amps with Intuitive Design loudspeakers. Interesting....

Ultimate Audio/Video featured a cool system by Ferguson Hill. TheFH007 is the ultimate iPod speaker system. It includes bass and horn loudspeakers and an integrated amp.

Ron and Ginny Lapporte of Ultimate Audio/Video.

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