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Positive Feedback ISSUE 27
september/october 2006


RMAF - 2006 Part 2, page 2


Bybee Power Golden Goddess Power Corditioner $1250 and Golden Goddess Super Effects $1550.

Joule Electra VZN-160 MK III Grand Marquis mono power amp $22,000.

Analysis Audio Loudspeakers Amphitryon full range planar-ribbon loudspeakers $24,000 with HGA cables, Bybee Power products, and Joule Electra amps.

Carol with Dave Weinhart of Weinhart Design.

Locus Design Group had a wide range of cables.

Sonicweld Pulserod speaker system.

Joe Skubinski of JPS Labs with David Robinson.

the crowd... many rooms experience standing-room only conditions. This was a well attended show and the crowds were into the music and having a good time. Ditto everyone else!

Reference Audio Mods modified Oppo DV-970HD.

Reference Audio Mods also showed a modified Marantz SA-8001. They offered the opportunity to compare stock to modded at the change of a cable. Nice idea.

Craig Goff of Reference Audio Mods and Kryophysics.

Teres Audio showed a range of Teres turntables, ZYX cartridtes, Moerch tonearms along with Artemis Labs PH-1 phono stage and LA-1 line stage, Loesch preamp, 75TL tube momoblock amps, and Edgarhorn Titans.

Daedalus Audio, ModWright, Red Dragon Leviathan Signature Series monoblock amps, Empirical Design.

Another view of above. These speakers can play load with no strain or glare... very musical and very nice.

Juicy Music offers vacuum tube audio electronics including the BlueBerry, Peach, and Merlin preamps.

From Juicy Music the pCAT Lynx Class A power amps.

ACI loudspeakers.

Another view of the ACI room. Great value for the money here... we have a few reviews for those interested.

Moerch tonearms.

Singlepower brought the headphone amps for the real headphone addict... big and powerful brutes that can be used as preamps... amps are on the way!

HH Morch, Mikhail Rotenberg, and J Pitrie.

Mikhail Rotenberg showing off some US made Bendix tubes ...the 3d21 90 watt for $100 and the 6080 (with the red label) 20 watt for $100.

Teres turntables. How you want one?

Teres 300 series table. Very cool!

Teres Model 265

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