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Positive Feedback ISSUE 29
january/february 2007


Images from CES - 2007
by Dave and Carol Clark


While CES is a lot of work, there are moments of fun too. We always look forward to eating, and catching up people we only end up seeing a few times a year. Here is a gallery of random shots we both took during our fun-filled week in Las Vegas.


Fiamma Restaurant is located in the MGM Grand Hotel, and is definitely worth checking out. Over our table you can see the bar with its inviting fireplace. The restaurant is stunningly beautiful, the service is impeccable, and the food is divine.

Alan Kafton seems intent upon spearing Carol's nose with a fork. Undaunted, Carol smiles for the camera hoping to disarm him with her charm.

This year we discovered Mesa Grill inside Caesar's Palace. Bobby Flay seems to have a thing for flames, not only were they on the ceiling the food was spicy hot and delicious.

After a long day at the show, it's nice to relax with cocktails and good friends. Bryan Gladstone chats with Neil, a fried of Joe Cohen's, and Charles Beresford of Cryogenics International.

Dave listening intently along with Joe Cohen and Alan Kafton.

Danny Kaey and Josh Ray give Dave their undivided attention.

Bryan Gladstone works hard. Every stop for meals found him on the phone.

Outside the Marten/Bladelius room Dave and Bryan conduct a little business.

Herron Audio uses plants for room treatments, Stan Ricker found them to be a good place to hide.

The Venetian is certainly a wonderland at night, complete with gondolas.

The ceilings of the Venetian are not to be missed.

Would you believe the shops at the Venetian are above the casino? The ceiling makes it appear to be daytime, even at night.

While Carol shopped at Acca Kappa (the Venetian hosts the only US outlet for this Italian purveyor of soaps and bath products) Dave took pictures.

It feels just like Italy under a blue sky.

A parting shot of the lovely Venetian.

There was snow in the Cajon Pass on the way home. Fortunately it had melted off the roadway before we came through, but the temperature outside was a chilly 27 degrees. Brr.