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Positive Feedback ISSUE 35
january/february 2008


CES 2008 - Part 4, page 3
by Dave and Carol Clark


And now for some images of this and that...

The ceiling in the Venetian entrance...

Alan Kafton and Carol sharing a special conversation on the nuances ... or perhaps nuisances ...of their meal.

An evening inside the Venetian.

Bob Hirsh and Peter discuss how they can just make the clearance... hey, them there boats got motors in them!

Carol spending more money....

Another shot of the evening sky... yeah, it's fake!

Dinner at the Venetian's Grand Canal Plaza... have yet to eat here, but this year we did get to dine at B&B, Mesa Grill, Fiamma, and Isla ...all quite wonderful.

Getting around inside the Sands Convention Center...

This is downstairs where the bigger exhibit rooms are found...

Typical crowds...

Lunch at the THE Show.

Bob Hirsch waiting for Arnis Balgalvis to get that special drink... dude, you ain't going to drink that?!

Clark taking a much desired respite from the CES whirlwind... with a domestic beer!

Adam and Whitney Goldfine of PFO.

Roger Sanders and Vinh Vu enjoying the lunch on a sunny day...

Peter after three days at the Convention Center... a brave lad to be sure.

Of course this may have taken something out him...

Carol feeling a bit giddy... more wine anyone?

Dave and Adam hamming it up a bit for Peter... yes, when is dinner at Fiamma?

You mean now we can go and eat?!

A shot of the Venetian from the THE Show at the San Tropez. The shuttles were quite fast and easy to use.

Yes... many thanks to a wonderful person... Marjorie Baumert, who is the Office Manager at THE Show and the better half of Al Stiefel. Just kidding Al! Together they put on, every year, RMAF ... there is simply not enough thanks for either of them!

Roger Gordon of PFO...

...Bruce Kinch of PFO...

...and Harry Pearson offering support for Clark Johnsen.

Ah yes... another year down.