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Positive Feedback ISSUE 39
september/october 2008


RMAF 2008, Part 4, page 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


Kimber Isomike room featuring EMM Labs.

Kimber Isomike.

Leveler Pure, provides pure, constant power. want what? When..?!

Jeff Smith of Silversmith Audio with Carol.

Art Almsteadat the Cable Research Lab table.

Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds.

Mastersound amplifiers and the Less Loss DAC.

Kaiser Kawero loudspeakers with Mastersound amplifiers and the Less Loss DAC.

Kaiser, Mastersound, and Less Loss with Echole cables.

This year the show spread over to the Hyatt, business was jumping there as well as the Marriot.

Mark Schifter of AV123 and Gary Dodd of Dodd Audio.

Vincent Sanders of VRS.

Ascendo loudspeakers with Laufer Teknik, Nova Physics, Behold, Bybee Wire, and Esoteric.

Ascendo loudspeakers with Laufer Teknik.

VRS Audio Solutions presented the Amarra which features integrated software and hardware solutions ...and more.

DNM Design's contains no metal.

Gadient Helsinki loudspeakers in front of Harbeth loudspeakers, and the Gradient Laura in the rear.

The Qsonix Q110 Music Management System in the High Definition Music Architects room.

High Definition Music Architects with Acoustic Zen, Halcro, and DEQX.

Acoustic Zen loudspeakers with Halco electronics.

Scaena loudspeakers. The design for this speaker came from original artwork that ended up pressed into play as a room tuning device on the ceiling. These speakers are lovely.

Scaena loudspeakers, loved by Dalmatians!

UltraFi USB DAC. This is the new one... and coming soon!

Bye now!