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Positive Feedback ISSUE 4
december/january 2003


CES 2003 - A quick look at what was good and, well, not so good, page 3.


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Featuring Black Diamond Racing, Nirvana Audio (, and Wavelength Audio ( this system not only was pleasing to the ears, but to the eyes! Very musical, though limited in bandwidth, this was a fun set-up to sit-in on!

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Having heard these at several show, these speakers from Meadow Song Labs ( Mount Everest  have always impressed us in just about every category that is sought after in audio. Very nice sound.


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Ah, yes the Art Audio room was another "eye candy" room ( Featuring the Adagio amplifiers and EgglestonWorks speakers ( the sound was very nice and musical. Art Audio also showed at the San Remo with Reference 3A DaCapo Version 2 and Virtuoso speakers ( , a Nottingham Analogue table with Sao Win cartridge feeding their new Vinyl Reference ($3995). Digital source was the Accustic Arts Drive 1 transport feeding the Gill Elise DAC and the new Symphony II 300B SET with Sophia Electric 274B rectifiers or a pair of PX-25 monoblocks ($10500/pr). All cabling was by Dynamic Designs. Very, very nice too! We will be getting more cables from Dynamic Designs as well as the Virtuoso speakers.


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The TG Audio/Soundlab ( room featured either the biggest speakers or man in Bob Crump (who is about as big as the speakers—and about as loud!). Okay, just teasing Bob! You are one nicer guys in the business and is always kiding us about either our music or Carol's hair color! Good sound too! They featured the new Parasound amplifiers that everyone just loves.


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Cary Audio ( showed the new  Silver Oak speaker and SLP-2002 preamplifier (below). The room sounded very good and the speakers WAY bigger than their respectable size. These speakers filled the room with a lot of music. Very nice indeed! More coming from Cary in future issues!

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From Adire came these nice sounding speakers ( But check out the amps driving them and the subs! Five Wave amplifiers from Antique Sound Labs!

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