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Positive Feedback ISSUE 4
december/january 2003


CES 2003 - A quick look at what was good and, well, not so good.
Part 2, page 3
by Dave and Carol Clark


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The Edge room was using an all Edge system with either Wisdom Audio's speakers (above) or their own (see below). We only heard the set-up as pictured below based around the new Reference amplifiers and can attest that is was clearly the most dynamic and percussive system at CES. I mean WOW. Talk about being at a concert! Very impressive. Edge is sending us some gear in the near future.

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The gentlemen's gentleman, Victor Goldstein standing with the JM Reynaud Offrandes ( As musical as get out with no audiophile crap getting in the way of our enjoyment. The Fanfare room also had ASR electronics ( which were as cool as a cucumber and beautiful too boot! Also on display was the new line Norma from Italy ( that was also a real show stopper. Review coming soon on all the products listed. Hey we got the Offrandes in the living room right now! Oh, yes those are the same glowing Acoustic Zen cables as used in the Rogue Audio/Meadowlark room. The glow is a photo anomaly by the way.


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The Herron room ( was drawing lots of attention with their line of electronics and the Joseph Audio speakers. Featuring more analog than digital, we visited the room after hearing much praise. Unfortunately the material being played at the time left us with bleeding ears, so we never heard the magic. Perhaps we need to get some Herron in the queue. Hey it sure looked nice! And Keith is a good guy too!


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The Rockport/Tenor sounded pretty good last year, so we entered the room with much anticipation. Alas, either it was too crowded or they were playing music not of our liking (usually both), so we never had a chance to really hear the system. What we did hear did not float our boat, sounding like it was too slow and muted. Heard better before, but hey it's a show! Perhaps next year!!