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Positive Feedback ISSUE 4
december/january 2003


Magnepan Tweaks, Part 1 - Get Them Up
by Ed Morawski


Now that you are enjoying your Magnepans, you might want to consider some improvements. I am not a fan of overly subtle tweaks. The tweaks that follow are anything but subtle.

The MG12s are designed to tilt back at a slight angle. I'm sure this works fine in a large room, but I don't have that luxury. In my room, they are just too laid back. Your experience may differ, so experiment. Prop up the rear of the legs with pieces of wood at least two inches thick, so that the speakers are forced forward and upright. Be careful not to overdue it, or they will tip forward. Put on your favorite music and listen. If you like what you hear, it's time to get them upright. While accomplishing this, you might also want to get them off the floor. Some like them raised as much as eight inches! I settled for about three, and am very happy with the increased bass response.

Custom stands can cost a bundle–as much as $300—but I made mine for less than $30! Unlike some, they do not require welding, and can be made with just a drill and a hacksaw. Go to Home Depot and buy four heavy-duty shelf brackets made by the John Sterling Company for about $5 each. If you can get them in black, you're in luck; otherwise you'll have to paint them. While you’re there, buy two pieces of 1-inch wide, 36-inch long flat steel. Also pick up eight 20 x 1-inch bolts plus washers and nuts. And a can of flat black spray paint if you need it.

1-2STAND_PARTS.jpg (5636 bytes)

1-3STAND_ASSEMBLED.jpg (4307 bytes)

When you get home, cut the two pieces of flat steel in half, so you wind up with four pieces eighteen inches long. If they need to be painted, do it now. Using your factory legs as a guide, drill four holes in the shelf brackets big enough for your bolts to fit through. This is where you decide how high you want the speakers to sit. Next, drill four holes through the shelf brackets and flat steel and bolt them together. Mine sit on carpet, so the bolt heads protruding through the bottom do not matter. If yours must go on a hard surface, I suggest gluing blocks of rubber on the bottoms. This will level them and protect your floor.  Mount your new legs in the factory holes. Notice that they are very stable and will not rock forward or back. Also notice how much better your speakers sound!

1-1STAND.jpg (39903 bytes)