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Positive Feedback ISSUE 4
december/january 2003


Magnepan Tweaks, Part 2 - Get Them Tweeters Clean!
by Ed Morawski


The stock Magnepans arrive with an unusual hookup configuration, to say the least. The solid steel jumper across the "Tweeter Attenuator" is actually in series with the high frequency driver. Some Magnepan users like to try different wires there, some even use the resistors supplied. I can't stand either. I want realism, damn it! I am also very careful with my volume, so I decided to eliminate the fuse. I don't want anything in the way of my music.

You can do either or both. It just takes a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers. After turning off or muting your amp, remove the four screws from the speaker attachment plate. Using your pliers (or a suitable wrench), loosen the nut holding the blue wire. Remove the nut and the blue wire. If you want to eliminate the tweeter jumper and keep the fuse, move the blue wire to the same terminal as the lower (black) fuse wire. If you want to eliminate both the jumper and fuse, move the blue wire to the same terminal as the upper fuse wire. You can remove the fuse wires or leave them. When you are finished, you will have three wires on the upper terminal:

BLACK coming from the speaker

BLACK coming from the fuse

BLUE coming from the tweeter

2-11OEM PLATE.JPG (25371 bytes)
Standard OEM wiring for the fuse


2-3FUSE MOD.JPG (27134 bytes)
Modified version for the fuse


2-22ATTEN MOD.JPG (26793 bytes)
Attenuator wiring modification


Duplicate what you did on the other speaker and listen. You should hear slightly more resolution and more delicacy, and the highs will be cleaner and clearer, the degree depending on the rest of your system. The best part is that you can always go back if you want, and it's free!

2-4modPLATE.JPG (20213 bytes)