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Positive Feedback ISSUE 41
january/february 2009


CES and T.H.E. SHOW - 2009, Part 2, Page 3
by Dave and Carol Clark


Purist Audio Design with KR Audio Kronzilla amplifier and Peak Consult Zultan loudspeakers.

Stahl-Tek DAC in the Purist Audio Design room.

deHavilland KE-50A, signature KT88 amplifier $7495.

DeHavilland products with Sonist Concerto loudspeakers, Cable Research Lab MK2 & 4 power cords and Silver Series speaker cables, and Playback Designs CD player.

deHavilland Mercury III linestage.

David Wiener Collection Ferrari speakers with built in iPod dock.

Fidelis AV with Harbeth, Luxman, and Synergistic Research.

Mark & Daniel Audio Labs loudspeakers with Audience Cables, Audio Zone, and Virtue Audio.

Mark & Daniel loudspeakers and the Virtue One integrated.

Von Gaylord Audio with Uni (Land Version) triode mono amplifiers $7495 set, vG One & vG One Pulse loudspeaker monitor and low extension $13,800 set. This Uni is not the liquid cooled model they have shown previously.

Nightingale Armonia integrated amplifier.

Nightingale products.

Nightingale Gala amplifiers.

Classic Audio loudspeakers.

Atma-Sphere Music Systems with Classic Audio loudspeakers.

Tri-Planar tonearm on a TW Acustic's turntable.

Audio Oasis. Evolution Acoustics MM Mini 2 loudspeakers, the new Dartzeel integrated amplifier, Playback Designs transport and DAC. Killer sound here every sense of the word.

New monoblock amplifiers from Dartzeel. These are the final versions ...casework still in design.

This room sounded tremendous.

Audio Oasis. Studio Electric loudspeakers and amplifier. Always another standout room. David knows how to get music from his stuff ...and very good Scotch as well!

Teresonic loudspeakers with Helius Designs, Benz Micro, and Clearaudio.

Kiso Acoustic HB-1 loudspeakers from Japan.

Audio Oasis. Art Audio and Gill Audio Design with Hudson Audio Imports. Joe's stuff is always as musical as all get out!

Hudson Audio FJ Genuin 3 loudspeaker.

Joe Fratus looks on as Dean Seislove and Carol and Peter Clark listen.

VRS and Audio Kinesis loudspeakers.

Vincent Sanders adjusting the system in his room. Also shown are audioexcellence AZ World Power Wings and Trinnov room correction. Impressive room correction...

Boulder amplifiers with Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

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