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Positive Feedback ISSUE 45
september/october 2009


Paul Speltz Anti-Cables and Anti-Interconnects - A Short Take
by John Zurek


A while back I had an email conversation with fellow PFOer Fown-Ming Tien.

After mentioning I was helping someone put together a budget system, he was really adamant about trying Paul Speltz's Anti-cables. After reading Fown-Ming's review and checking out the anti-cables website, I was impressed. And, with a 30-day return policy what's to go wrong?

Long story short, the Anti-Cable and Anti-ICs performed so astonishingly in the budget system we put together, I decided to try them in my main rig. I used the Anti-Cable to connect my VMPS Larger sub to its dedicated amp, and used a long run of the Anti-IC to connect my deHavilland preamp and several different sets of monoblocks, SS and tube. Surprisingly enough, after 4 months, both the Speltz cables are still in place. Yup, I like 'em that much. They have a classic copper sound, plus all the detail you could crave, and the bass is stellar. Very friendly to every component I've tried them with, even tube pieces that usually preferred silver worked well with the anti-wires.

Downside? They are stiff, and can be a little hard to work with. Both are unforgiving if you step on them, or otherwise distort the shape. And, I wouldn't use them in an extremely RF-rich environment. That's it.

These wires perform several leagues above their price range. They are easily my first choice for best bang for your cable dollars. Not the most handsome kid on the block, but certainly the best value I've come across for speaker cables and interconnects. After four months I couldn't detect any real flaws. All frequency ranges were very well portrayed, and brought together coherently. These wires blow away anything in their price range, and can seriously challenge much, much more expensive products. "Insanely affordable" Fown-Ming said. He was right. The Speltz Anti-cables and Anti-ICs are truly remarkable and couldn't be more recommended.

Anti-Cable (Speaker)
Retail: $60 for a 6' pair

Anti-Cable (Interconnect)
Retail: $100 for a 1m pair

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