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Positive Feedback ISSUE 47
january/february 2010


CES 2010 - Certainly Not Out, but Certainly Down, Part 5
by Dave and Carol Clark


Over at THE Show, we found a getting around to be way easier than last year. This year all the exhibitors were on the same floor (sans a few in the downstairs convention area who exhibited in the larger 'convention' type rooms). All in all, these exhibitors had very good sound considering the new location and all that that brings to the table.

Clarity Cable with Abbingdon Music Research, Dr. Feikert Analogue, Orca Designs & Manufacturing Corporation.

Clarity Cable, AMR, Dr. Feikert Analogue, Orca Designs & Mfg.

Divergent Technologies.

Herron Audio, as always with a nice set up and beautiful sound.

Keith Herron's room, as beautiful to behold as to listen to.

Teresonic with Audiav, Clearaudio, Helius Designs, and Playback Designs.

Kondo Audio Research.

Carol conversing with the Audience crew.

Audience loudspeakers. These sounded quite wonderful belying their size and configuration. Stellar design and accomplishment. Kudos!

The guts of an Audience.

The Audience room sounded very nice.

Glow Audio amplifiers.

Sonist Loudspeakers with Glow Audio, Cable Research Lab, and Hercules Global.

Greg Weaver with Kevin Malmgren of Evolution Acoustics.

Jim Merod (in the lower right hand corner) enjoying the Blue Light Audio room. Evolution Acoustics MM Two loudspeakers. Also in the room dartZeel, Playback Designs, Kodo Audio, Music Servers Direct, and Wave Kinetics.

The Blue Light Audio room always sounds terrific.

DartZeel amplifiers, Playback Designs CD player, two Audience Adept Response aR6-T power conditioners, and Wave Kinetics Vibration Control System.

The ever affable Jonathan Tinn.

DartZeel NHB-508 monoblock amplifiers.

The Zeeba by Paramount Technology Inc.

The Zeeba is a loudspeaker platform.

The Zeeba by Paramount Technology.

Teo Audio Inc with Avatar Acoustics and Sound Lab, Inc.

Amarra by Sonic Studio.

Amarra by Sonic Studio along with a prototype firewire cable by John Hughes.

Wavac tube amplifiers and new PR-Z1 line preamplifier.

Wavac HE-833 Ver1.3, tenth anniversary model.

Wavac, as always the room sounded great.

Purist Audio Design with KR Audio Kronzilla amplifiers.

Beautifully displayed Purist Audio Design cables.

P.A.D. with Peak Consult loudspeakers.

Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds.

The Cable Company bright the kitchen sink. Good stuff.

Classic Records.

In the Edge Electronics room, a beautiful Groove Master turntable by pbn Audio.

Edge Electronics with Montana loudspeakers by pbn Audio.

Jaton corporation, Real A3 loudspeakers, Operetta AP2300AX stereo amplifier,  Operetta RC2000P preamplifier, and the Jaton DVD player.

Weiner Audio loudspeakers made of machined aluminum. The speakers have four ICE amplifiers.

Weiner Audio iPod dock.

The Weiner speakers have built in amplifiers and preamplifier, along with the iPod dock. This system sounded very nice.

Sibatech Inc. showed some interesting single driver loudspeakers.

Holm Acoustics CD1-D $7300, DSPre 1 with one way digital out $7850, and AMP1 200 $5950. These can all be configured in many different ways for optimum DSP'ing your room. Stillpoints equipment rack.

Revel loudspeakers.

The new Benchmark AD/DA ADC1.

Studio Electric and Benchmark.

Rory Rall (Benchmark), Bob Levi, and Chuck Bruce.

Valvet amplifiers, Audio magic Oracle, and Consensus loudspeakers.

Consensus loudspeakers.

Ray of Sound with Tonian Labs.