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Positive Feedback ISSUE 5
february/march 2003


SACD Update: An Update on the Meitner Line from EMM Labs
by David W. Robinson


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Time to "stop the presses!" again. Positive Feedback Online has just received news of some updates to the eagerly anticipated Meitner SACD line. I wanted to share these with our readers as soon as possible. According to our source, Meitner is going to be releasing the following:

  • The Meitner DAC6 has been given a structural redesign. It now sports a new faceplate, and now features six channel RCA as well as XLR output for those users who cannot handle XLR easily in their systems. The DAC6 can be used in both two- and six-channel modes; output channels 1 and 2 correspond to stereo left and right, for those not yet ready for multi-channel operation. I understand that the new DAC6 may employ a new wireless remote, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • The retail price of the redesigned DAC6 has been raised from $8995 to $9995.

  • A new product has been added to the Meitner line:  the DCC2. This is a two channel only version of the DAC6 chipset, and features a two channel preamp with remote control. The word that we get is that this remote will be wireless. The DCC2 includes two pairs of analog inputs for those who would like to be able to use the DCC2 as their preamp with analog sources. If you think of it as a two channel Meitner SACD/CD DAC with integrated two channel Switchman preamp, you've got it.

  • The retail price of the DCC2 will be $9995. EMM Labs expects to be shipping the DCC2 in about two months.

  • There is also word on the multi-channel Switchman preamp front: Meitner will be releasing a new Switchman 2/6 channel preamp. Reportedly, the changes include a new faceplate with a sleeker look, and a movement of all inputs and outputs to the back of the preamp. (Currently, the Switchman-2 has inputs on the "front" and outputs on the "back" of the unit. Pros don't mind, but typical consumers find it less than attractive. Looks like that that will be changing.) Also new to this preamp, according to my source, will be a wireless remote. The new preamp will continue to feature multiple sets of 2/6 channel inputs and outputs, in both XLR and RCA configurations. This product is expected to ship within the next 2-3 months.

  • Pricing on the new Switchman preamp is said to be $6995.

  • The eagerly anticipated Meitner SACD/CD Transport should also be shipping within the next two months or so. We don't have details that we can release to our readers yet, but have been told that the new transport will retail for about $4995.

For further information, or to place an order, contact the distributor of EMM Labs equipment, Jonathan Tinn of Chambers Audio at 503-221-0465, or via email at