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Positive Feedback ISSUE 50
july/august 2010


The 2010 California Audio Show, Part 2, Page 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


smplifi audio distribution

DSPeaker loudspeakers in the Simplifi Audio Distribution room.






Amarra in the Simplifi Audio Distribution room.

carol clark

Carol, looking amazed in the Press Room. Or, is she sitting on a tack?

jason serinus

Jason Serinus of Stereophile, blogging live from the show.

bluecoast records

Sound engineer with Bluecoast Records. They recorded live from the show.

bluecoast world

Bluecoast World in one of the ballrooms on the first floor, setting up for live recording. Featured were Bluecoast Records, Valence Records, and Acoustic Science Corp.

mit cables

From MIT Cables, the Shotgun biwire speaker interface.

jbl loudspeakers

JBL loudspeakers.

design interaction

A rack of products in the Design Interaction room including Mark Levinson, Lexicon, and MIT CAbles.


Gorgeous turntable in the Design Interaction room.


Another gorgeous turntable.

revel loudspeakers

Revel loudspeakers.

audio image

Audio Image room included VAC Phi 200, $9900 and Aesthetix Atlas Hybrid amplifier, $8000.

audio image

Audio Image had an impressive display of products. VAC and Aesthetix along with A.M.R., Accuphase, Transrotor and Kubala-Sosna cables. Power conditioning by Audience and equipment racks by Pagode.

magico loudspeakers

In the Audio Image room with the VAC and Aesthetix amplifiers were the Magico V2 loudspeakers, $18,000.

legacy audio

Legacy Audio loudspeakers.

win analog

Gorgeous Win Analog products.

legacy audio

Legacy Audio Whisper HD loudspakers with Win Analog electronics.

carol and constantine

Carol sharing a laugh with Constantine.

legacy audio

Bill... from Legacy Audio.


ModWright Instruments  KWA 150 $5995 on the left and KWA100 in black $3295 on the right.


Modwright products with Emerald Physics loudspeakers.

jack roberts

Jack Roberts from Dagogo nad Jon Riebach from Amarra.

genesis loudspeakers

Genesis hybrid ribbon loudspeakers, Parasound JC-3 phono preamplifier, Velodyne sub woofers, and Martin Logan with Nordost cabling.


A tower of Electrocompaniet products.


Electrocompaniet room with Running Springs doing the Ac filtration.


Electrocompaniet room and their new speakers.


More Electrocompaniet products.


The Electrocompaniet room sounded quite nice.

sonus faber loudspeakers

Sonus Faber loudspeakers in the Music Lover's Audio room.


Wadia electronics in the Music Lover's Audio room.

virtue loudspeakers

Fritz loudspeakers with Soundstring Cables, Virtue Audio, Luxman, and Phase Linear.

fritz loudspeakers

Beautiful to behold, Fritz loudspeaker.

fritz loudspeakers

The Fritz loudspeakers setup.

crowds at the show

It was a small show, but the crowds were big. Many times it was necessary to push your way through the halls.

crowds at the show

The crowds were present all three days, with Friday seeming to be the busiest day.

crowds at the show

Many times, all the seats were taken, it was standing room only!


At the end of the show, Carol relaxing. Great show in all respects... congrats to the Dagogo family!


mountain with notes