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Positive Feedback ISSUE 53
january/february 2011


CES 2011 Page 3


In the MSB room and Harbeth loudspeakers.

MSB Technology.

Balanced Audio Technology along with Kubala-Sosna and Wilson Audio.

Sandy Davey, wife of Pete Davey. She scoped out several products to review during the upcoming year.

Cary Audio Design with JM Lab loudspeakers.

Cary Audio products, recipient of the Brutus Award.

Cary Audio's new Cinema 11 all-in-one killer product.

AudioQuest Cables. Nice.

A wide array of AudioQuest products.

Steve Silberman of AudioQuest.

John Atkinson and Bill Low of AudioQuest.

Esoteric and Reference Series by TEAC.

Cardas Audio, Conrad-Johnson Designs, and Running Springs Audio.

George Cardas as understated as always... a great guy!

Cardas Audio cables.

Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith.

Jeff Jospeh preparing to spin some vinyl.

Joseph Audio Perspective loudspeakers, powered by Bel Canto Designs and wired with Cardas Cable.

The Joseph Audio Perspective. Holy cow... great sound here.

Lee Weiland and Steve Lees.

Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio in the Profundo room with Carol. Giants of the industry.

In the Profundo room, Heed Obelisk monoblock amplifiers.

Profundo, Heed Obelisk DT $1900, and DA 5 DAC $1900. Basis 2800/Vector 4 turntable.

Heed products in the Profundo room.

Bob Clarke of Profundo with his lovely wife Stacey.

Marc Phillips.

The Profundo system included electronics by Heed and Trenner & Friedl Art loudspeakers.

Super Tweeters by Trenner & Friedl.

These speakers are fantastic.

Viva electronics from Italy. Gorgeous.

Dan Muzquiz and Carol.

Lars Kristensen of Nordost.

The Nordost system with Raidho and Simaudio.

And another Nordost room with Raidho Acoustics. Fast and articlulate.

Axiss room with Accuphase products, one of which is the new integrated with a USB input for a computer... yes there is a USB DAC inside.

Art Manzano of Axiss and a rack of Air-Tight and Accuphase electronics.

One of the many Transrotor turntables

The only sighting of Gary Lea!

In the Marten Design room the E.A.R. turntable.

Marten Design room and their own Class-D amplifers.

The new Coltrane 2s. from Marten loudspeakers.

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