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Positive Feedback ISSUE 56
july/august 2011


Two Stupendous Audio Accessories for the Maximum Audiophile
by Robert H. Levi

Time for some new scoops for readers of PFO!

In alphabetical order…

Bybee SE Interconnect Phono Bullets sold direct only by Bybee Technologies
Retail: $2495 per pair

Furutech Destat II Static Charge Remover
Retail: $425

While on sick leave, I have infrequently been submitting reviews, as long as the items didn't weight very much. Not long ago I received three items to review marked "accessories." One is still pending, but I cannot in good conscience withhold from PFO readers and friends the arrival of two landmark items which will rock your high-end world. I don't care how sophisticated your system may be, or how jaded your attitude to new breakthroughs, you will want to own these two serious products, pronto.

Simply put, these two "accessories" will propel a top system to heights of realism you did not believe possible in your lifetime. One is rather expensive; the other is not. Both are mind-blowing advances for the music lover and audiophile.

Bybee SE Interconnect Phono Bullets


From the fertile mind of the greatest audiophile physicist on our planet comes Jack Bybee's ultimate contribution to fine LP reproduction, the Phono Bullet. These bullets are placed at the end of your phono cables, then plugged into your phono inputs. They do not change the level of output or vary the electrical specifications of the cartridge. Made of gold and proprietary materials, most of the technology is still classified by the Navy. Yes, the item is, or was, secret. My only question is, why did Jack wait so long to introduce this outstanding and unique phono device to the audiophile community?

I tested the Bullets with the Koetsu Rosewood Signature Cartridge, Dynavector XV-1S, and the B&O/Soundsmith MM Cartridge. All three on their own are very musical, detailed, and acquit themselves quite well. Add the Bybee SE Phono Bullets and achieve a performance from top LPs rivaling life itself. By reducing distortions generated by metal parts plugged into metal parts, the Bybee's effect is like directly connecting the cartridge to the phono inputs.

 What if the stylus and coils could somehow be flawlessly and directly connected to the phono input?? That's what's happening, in essence, as a result of the Bybee invention. Hey, if it works in $20 billion Triton Submarines, why not on your turntable?

Break-in is 20 hours, but is best with 100 hours in a FM Tuner circuit. I even cooked them for 2 days on my Cable Cooker [Jack approved this.]

The results of using the new Bullets is variable. It will either [1] be beyond your musical imagination and comprehension with the Koetsu; [2] improved in all characteristics though not as earth shattering with the Dynavector; or [3] just musical shock and awe as it was with the Soundsmith MM. This is clearly the best and most realistic phono reproduction I have ever experienced, and I consider that an understatement. Every aspect of the performance in the room is refined. Bass is dramatically enhanced and layered. Soundstage width and height is expanded to more realistic proportions. Highs are much extended and airier. You get the idea.

I did use first-class turntables to obtain these results, including the EAR Disk Master, Townshend Rock 7, and a restored Thorens TD124. I am assuming that only a top-tier audiophile will spend $2500 for phono accessories. The results on a Music Hall Turntable with a $200 cartridge may be less interesting. No surprise.

Let me be absolutely crystal clear. No other phono accessory or phono stage replicates what the Bybee Bullets do. I have had a cavalcade of audiophiles over to hear these things, and all are beyond words. Buy a pair and try them. If you wait you will only pay more. This is the break-through phono device that I have been hoping for, but thought it would be an unlikely thing. Hey, now we have gene therapy AND Bybee SE Interconnect Phono Bullets! Jack is selling them only direct-to-the-user to keep the price under control and serve as many audiophiles as possible. After all, at 83, it is now or never!

On behalf of all LP lovers everywhere, bless you Jack Bybee, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Bybee SE Interconnect Phono Bullets are a stunning accomplishment. Bravo!

Furutech Destat II Static Charge Remover


I continue to recommend the Furutech Demag at $2400. It is the best demagnetizer I have found for music playback enhancement of all 5 inch media, LPs, LDs, etc. by demagnetizing the media. It is now joined by the new Destat II, the best device for removing a static charge from portable music software yet devised. They are not the same even though they both work well on the same 5 inch media, LPs, LDs, etc. They do different things. I have both.

Two ten second bursts of the Destat II $425 and any CD is improved beyond any other similar device I’ve auditioned in the last 45 years. CDs become more natural sounding and detailed. I hear better realism at all frequencies. Even bass reproduction is tighter and more layered.

The Demag does help CDs, but not in the same way as the new baby flying saucer: the hot new Destat II! The Demag smoothes CDs and is more even natured from top to bottom. Grain is reduced. Digititus is very low. The effect last a day or two. Very nice.

Ditto the above for SACDs. The Demag improves all digital media is positive ways.

The Destat II also presents more of what you want and less of what you don’t want with CDs and SACDs. What a gigantic bargain! It is a giant killer of an accessory. It is the best, most effective digital destroyer yet devised. It makes all digital 5 inch media sound more like real music, real fast! I can’t help but feel that, in my systems, musicality was enhanced a bit more by removing the static than removing magnetism.

The Destat II has a ten second setting and a twenty second setting. The ten is for CDs, etc. Just place the CD or hybrid on top and push the button. Turn it over and do it again. The end. Wow. I love it. Plus, it has a built in rechargeable battery, so use it plugged in or not for an evening of listening.

The twenty second setting is for LPs. You hold the Destat over the LP on the turntable while it turns and push the button. It blasts the LP with negative and positive ions. Then, play the record. Wonderful! Compared to the Demag, I was unable to identify significant sonic differences between the two devices for treating LPs. Both work great. This may be system dependant… who knows.

I like the big Demag for LPs and LDs. It is a terrific accessory and important looking. I love the very portable Destat II and the Demag for treating LPs. Try them both. The little guy compliments the big boy. Plus, the Destat II fits anywhere and is easy to carry around. Nice light show too. I think Furutech is going to sell a million of these. No kidding.

The refinement you will hear to all digital media and LPs is immediate and delightful. The Furutech Destat is a winner in any language. You can even use the little guy to remove static from cables and components just like the big Demag, except you take the Destat II to the cable instead of bringing it to the Demag. It is intuitive to use with amazing results… fabulous.

The Destat II from the genius's at Furutech is my kind of accessory. It will change the way you listen to music from day one. This is the very best audiophile accessory under $500 I have ever heard of. My highest recommendation!