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Positive Feedback ISSUE 61
may/june 2012


Hot Off the Presses! Record Time Record Cleaning Fluid Beats Current Reviewer Top Choice!
by Robert H. Levi


Just recently I became unhappy with the way my L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Fluid would not quiet my new and treasured LPs. My systems had become so very quiet, with the latest generation of enhancements (see elsewhere in this issue!), that the tics and pops of my albums became more and more troubling. Then vaunted audiophile and guru, Dan Meinwald, acquired a new record cleaning machine that cleaned LPs via ultrasonic sound waves! This machine made LPs sound dead quiet, even dirty ones.

But… at over $3000 for this new device, I figured I would first check and see if my VPI 16.5 was over the hill.

While shopping at Berdan Records in Monrovia, California, I noticed a new fluid from Musical Surroundings which is a one-step enzyme fluid made for machines like mine. All other enzyme fluids I am aware of are two step and not very practical for me or a VPI or Clearaudio. This new Musical Surroundings solution is also ready-mixed and ready to use. It was called Record Time, cost a whale of a lot less than $3000... what the heck, I bought it.

Here's the deal. Enzyme fluids dissolve oil and grease and release the dirt into the water, which that is sucked up into the machine. It’s more effective than alcohol, with no side effects. It is the state-of-the-art in liquid cleaners. But will it make my VPI work like the $3000+ reviewer-darling German-made device now on the market?

I experimented with numerous LPs and even washed a couple twice. Some I left the fluid on the record for two minutes. It is very easy to apply and remove and will not harm the LP,

The results?! I found that LPs cleaned with Record Time Fluid were better than L'Art du Son in every way, and the equal of the expensive record cleaning process using sound waves. Most of my purchases these days are new reissued LPs. Record Time is the most practical, least expensive way to achieving dead silence on new LPs with your current washing machine, and in my opinion every bit as effective as the expensive new device. Bravo!

I also found that records cleaned with L'art could be re-cleaned with Record Time and restored to perfection! You will rejoice in the silence and increased musicality!

I then compared all three processes with older dirty LPs. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being dead silent, L’Art: 5, Record Time: 9, German wonder toy: 10. Not a huge advantage for chucking your current washing machine, I think. Your current VPI or Clearaudio plus Record Time is so close to perfect, it sounds great and is great. Current style LP washing machines have stood the test of time and durability, and can continue to do a fine job when used with Record Time.

My advice is to discard your present fluids. Buy Record Time before it goes up in price. Wait and see what other washing wonders come on the market over the next couple of years. Record Time closes the washing machine gap so convincingly that I would stock up ASAP. Your LPs will improve in all ways musical, and will be much quieter, too.

Highly recommended for LP lovers everywhere.

MSRP $40 for 32 oz. (You supply the record washing machine!)

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