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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012


Coming Soon... Part 2 of  "Mark Porzilli's Memory Player Grows UP"


A succession of upgrades over the past year has delayed the completion of Part 2 of the "Mark Porzilli's Memory Player Grows Up" review.  Each upgrade has been accompanied by the promise of another just around the corner. The most recent changes, which Laufer Teknik's Mark Porzilli might be tempted to call 'the great leap forward',  prompts me to listen anew with a review in depth to follow soon.

Some of the changes, as described by Porzilli and Laufer are:

-64 Bit Audio playback:  Uses 64 bit analytical power to play 16 and 24 bit audio, reducing jitter to levels impossible to reach by directly playing the files;

-Fractionalized Memory: Music is now permanently stored to patented memory structure to innately disable jitter.  No more moving music...a convenience.

-R.U.R. Level 2: Unlimited re-reading, virtually eliminating the jitter caused by ECC;

-I.D.E.A.S.:  Jitter reduction, a powerful jitter reduction software suite. Masters often cannot be distinguished from the CDs and HRs when played from Fractionalized Memory.

- Direct to DAC (D2D), achieving the shortest, purest signal path of any DAC made.

These are bold statements.  The review will critically examine each of the above points.

Those of you who will be at Denver's Rocky Mountain Audiofest, October 11-13, will see and hear the same iteration of  The Memory Player as I will review.  It would be interesting to compare what you hear in the Laufer Teknik suite with what you will read in Positive Feedback Online soon after.

I thank you for your patience.

Ross Wagner