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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012


RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 3, Page 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


Austin Hi-Fi Inc, Crimson Electronics, Crimson Audio Cables, Tocaro Loudspeakers, Resolution Audio

Analog Domain: Artemis power amplifiers; Gobel High End: Epoque Reference loudspeakers; Stah-Tek: Opus CD Transport and DAC; Purist Audio Design: cables.

Jonathan Tinn and Marjorie comparing notes.

Triangle Art Turntable, NAT Audio, Eventus Audio, KT Audio Imports

Lawrence Audio with Rowland... nice!

Schroeder LT, The Beat, Allnic Audio Labs, Lyra Atlas, Echole Cables

Schroeder's new arm... way cool but over $8k!

Triode Corporation, Acoustic Zen Technologies, Twin Audio Video, Nittobo Acoustic

Emerald Physics, Underwood Hifi, Spatial Computer

Wyred 4 Sound MS-1 music server, mPre DAC/preamplifier, mAmp, interconnects, power cables, and speaker cables. World premiere items! Sounded very nice here through Paradigm loudspeakers.

Antelope Audio and KR Audio

Plinius, Eficion, Analysis Plus

Denver Audio Designs, THEIL Audio, Aragon, Straight Wire

Usher Audio, JPS Labs, Abyss Headphones, Puget Sound Studios

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