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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012


RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


Cable Research Lab was one of many in the ballroom...

Lots of vendors in one of the ballrooms on the ground floor

Arnold Martinez of Tweak Studio

Mytek Digital

Bob Hodas... if your room sucks, he can fix it!

Ayon Audio, Lumen White... loved this! Great stuff even in a very big room.

Legacy Audio

Esoteric, Wire World, TEAC, Cabasse

Joe Kubala of Kubala-Sosna

Can Jam, Moon Audio

Can Jam, Beyer Dynamic

Can Jam


Listening to James Blake at Can Jam

Can Jam, Fosgate

Can Jam, Schitt Audio

Alex Rosson of Audeze

Carol getting the scoop on Audeze headphones

Steam Punk headphones from Audeze

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