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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012


RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 2, Page 4
by Dave and Carol Clark


MA Recordings, Black Cat Cables, Woo Audio

Michael Lavorgna of Audio Stream and Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat Cables and Todd Garfinkle of MA

VPI Industries, VAS Industries, Cayin, Aurum-Cantus-Speaker... this system rocked and for like $6k or so... nice!

DeVore Fidelity, van den Hul Cartridges, Eugene Hi-Fi

Loved the new speakers... spinning some wonderful music too. Good people and such fun times to be had here... cool factor of 17.

Kubotek USA, Haniwa Real 3D audio system, 4" full range Cube speaker system

Border Patrol Audio Electronics, Living Voice loudspeakers

John DeVore... thanks for the whiskey!

High Water Sound. TW-Acustic, Miyajima Labs, Cessaro Horn Acoustics, Tron-Electric, Silent Running Audio, Silver Circle Audio, Symposium Acoustics, PranaWire... always nice here. Big, BIG sound.

Mojo Audio Universal Mac Media Server, NOS AD1865 Tube DAC, Enigma Power Cords and Lucent interconnects, Volti Audio Veretta loudspeakers, Border Patrol amplifier and preamplifier.

Zu Audio

Sean's son spinning vinyl...

King Sound, Purity Audio Design, Kaplan Cables

Channel D Computer Audio, Pure Music / Pure Vinyl, Seta Phono preamplifiers, Lynx Studio Technology, Hilo Reference... love what Rob does here. Great sound and fun times for sure!

The new Channel D AD/DA!

Audio Arts NYC. Zellaton loudspeakers, Nagra Audio, Metronome France Digital, Holborne Swiss Analog Instruments, Schopper Thorens

More to come!