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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012


RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 3
by Dave and Carol Clark


Music Hall, Creek Audio, Aktimate, Bellari, Euro Audio Team

The new speakers were quite wonderful and at $349 a pair... a true audio bargin!

Coincident Speaker Technology Total Victory V loudspeakers, Frankenstein M300B mono amplifiers, Dragon Mk II 211PP mono amplifiers, Statement line stage.

Audio Note UK.. in slate!

Jeff Joseph with Anne Bisson

Angel City Audio, Melody Valve HiFi, M&G Audio Design... always good sound here... and beer!

The new Mystere preamplifier...


Mike Mercer reacting to Audioengine

George Warren Precision Sound, SORAsound, ZYX, Moerch, Jolida, Dynaudio

Evolution Acoustics MMMicro One loudspeakers, Playback Designs MPS-3 CD player with USB input, Wave Kinetics A1-U8 component control and 2NS loudspeaker interface system, B.M.C. Audio integrated amplifier, Aural Fidelity cabling.

ATR Services Ampex ATR-102 reel to reel. Tapes from Puget Sound Studios

Polk Audio

Gingko Audio Cloud 9T and dust cover, Gingko's ClaraVu 7 and ClaraVu 8 loudspeakers, VPI Traveler, Jolida Fusion preamplifier, Wells Audio Innamorata amplifier, Music Culture Tech. MC501A CD player, Dana Cables, Gingko Audio Platformula rack.

Yes they do make a support of the new VPI Traveler!

Avatar Acoustics, Abbingdon Music Research, Current Cable, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Rosso Fiorentino Electroacoustics, Purist HDR... nice indeed!

The new 'ifi' line from AMR...

Emotiva Audio

Dali, The Sound Organization

Rega Research, PMC Ltd, The Sound Organization

Dynaudio, Octave, T+A... all in one. No need for anything else other than the source! Sounded quite nice too!

Naim Audio Ltd, The Sound Organization

Voxativ, KR Audio, Valvet, HighEnd Novum, Gregitek, Highend-Electronics

Mat Weisfeld of VPI. He was everywhere!

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