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Positive Feedback ISSUE 64
november/december 2012


A New Collaboration Between PF and of Germany

Internet. According to the dictionary, the internet is defines as a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

Operative words being  "connected ",  "information ",  "network " and in general the exchange of such information. Naturally then, Positive Feedback and my other place of digs, Hifistatement (Germany) are two online places where one can exchange views, ideas and information for all things audio. How neat is that?

If, therefore, we follow this lead to its ultimate conclusion, then it follows that orchestrating some sort of collaborative agreement between these two sites would provide for an increased online presence and internet experience. And so we did just that. Rewinding the tape, er clock a few cycles back, we arrive at the birthplace of said idea: a Skype conversation with my other amigo, Dirk Sommer, publisher of Hifistatement, resulted in us discussing ideas and means of how to expand upon the idea of what an online rag can become. Somewhere along the conversation Positive Feedback came up and oh how wonderful an idea it would be for us to join forces and work with one another to further that goal.

At this year's Rocky Mountain Audiofest, I sat down with David Robinson and Dave Clark to posit this revolutionary idea.  "Really? That sounds like a cool idea Danny. You're in charge, make it happen. " Wowee! A few email exchanges, Skype calls and such later and the deal was sealed. Welcome to the vision of a joint venture between Positive Feedback and Hifistatement. You have been warned. It will be a fun ride. For starters, Hifistatement readers have been enjoying downloads of various recordings that Dirk has made in both CD and hi-res, even DSD. Neat idea. More to come from that end. Cartridge reviews that you can actually listen to in your home and rig? Done that too. 

Care for reviews of hard to find, esoteric European equipment? You'll get plenty of that, soon. But more then that, the sum of these two magazines joining forces will open up all sorts of new doors for cool and clever content and sharing of ideas, not to mention opening the door for manufacturers to gain more wide spread status. Funny how things work in life, isn't it? I started with Positive Feedback in 2001, just as David Robinson merged with Dave Clark's audioMusings, a local LA based print mag. Needless to say I loved every minute of it and am looking forward to so much more in the future.

Thank you all for being part of our experience and internet connection. See ya'll at CES.