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Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
january/february 2013


The following submissions are for the 'Readers Who Want to be Writers' Contest. The authors are not Staff members of Positive Feedback.


Chuck and Diane Lee

I was very pleased when the first contest came into being ,something I had a small hand in creating.

That's what can be so great about this hobby and sites such as POS.

They foster a sense of community and camaraderie that just wasn't even thought about back in my first days as an audiophile.

And I do not find anything at all degrading about the word  audiophile at all. I wear the badge with pride.

But there's also a dark side to this hobby. A side that finds more to ridicule about than praise the term. Some find the whole idea of an audiophile to be the polar opposite of a true music lover.

How can you love the music when you place so much importance on the gear?

I have to counter with," how can you love the music without doing so"?

A faction of a few vociferous souls who would like to silence the voices of those who's only sin is to state that " I heard an improvement with "-insert item of choice seem to be more prevalent now than at any time I can remember.

Well I can't afford the top priced gear either, but I can appreciate it and those who can afford it have my respect not my disdain.

What I can do is afford some of the tweaks that have been reviewed on POS.

And I believe most readers on this site can.

All they have to do is try them.

Really not a big leap of faith, or a leap over the fiscal cliff-(sorry about that  over used term).

What good to the hobby is denying that upgraded fuses or power cords can make an improvement?

To whose benefit is that?

The intention of such tweaks is to enhance and not hinder the musical experience.

A "good thing" as Martha would say.

So why knock them?

Especially if one has no experience with them?

I can state unequivocally that every tweak I've made to improve the delivery of electricity to my gear has improved the musical experience and my pleasure.

So that's two good things.

The upgraded fuses, the Furutech GTX receptacles, dedicated lines, upgraded IEC, are just a small sampling of things that I wouldn't be aware of if I didn't have a source for that information. And that information came from POS.

My listening experience would not be what it is today.

Just by implementing a few "shouldn't have any effect" items in my system, opened up a whole new sonic world that wasn't there before.

My old Acoustat servo amps and X speakers always pleased.

Adding a few upgraded parts and spending a few dollars on fancy power snakes took the sound to a new level I didn't think that old technology was capable of.

So I would just like to express my thanks to POS for another contest, and to say thank you for your continued efforts to review items that had they not been reviewed I would have never known about.

That to me is what this hobby is all about.

Sharing ideas and experiences that have been beneficial to the enjoyment of this hobby.

Moving from "good enough" sound to very good sound was always the journey that kept me involved in this hobby for over forty years.

It's a journey I'm still on, and there's always something new and exciting to read about every time I click on POS.

Call me old school if you like, or if so inclined label me a believer of fairy dust.

It doesn't matter, what does matter is if the fairy dust works for me.

It could also work for you, but you have to try it first.