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Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
january/february 2013


In which David Robinson is Interviewed by Wojtek Pacula of High Fidelity Magazine…
by David Robinson

Months ago (back in the spring of 2012, in fact), I was approached by Wojtek Pacula, editor of the Polish online audio journal High Fidelity, to do an email interview with him. Being the kind of busy cuss that I am, I told him that it would take time, and that I didn't have much of that laying around.

Wojtek was a patient sort, however, and so I eventually responded.

When he came back asking for more information, and photographs, my curmudgeonly side got it in gear and did what curmudgeonly natures do.

To his credit, Wojtek didn't take this amiss, and eventually I was able to find enough time to finish the interview out for him. (Really, I have a long-term interest in promoting greater communication among audiophiles and their publications worldwide, so this was a good opportunity to put our worldview in front of more folks.)

The resulting article was published in Polish weeks ago, but has now been translated into English. Those of you who would be interested in seeing the results will find the translated interview at

I encourage you to check it out…it's a good read.

Dr. David W. Robinson
Positive Feedback Online