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Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
january/february 2013





The 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2012 - The Best of the Best!

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2012, Part 1
by David W. Robinson

Brutus Awards for 2012
by Dave Clark

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2012, Part 2
by David W. Robinson



Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



Evolution of Hi-Res PCM from DAD to PONO and Recommended Recordings
by Teresa Goodwin

A Tale of Two Woo's: The WA22 and the WA6-SE and What "Balanced" Really Means
by Andy Schaub

Stein Music Speaker Match Plus - A Quick Look!
by Robert H. Levi

Back to the Future: Why I Returned to the Fat Bob S
by Andy Schaub


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Devastation and the Dark Hand of Doom
by Teresa Goodwin

Taking Another Look at the High Resolution Technologies Music Streamer II+
by Tom Gibbs

Let's Make It Here – Audio Manufacturing in the USA
by Mike Wechsberg

Two Things You Can Rely On
by Roger Skoff

Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer
by Michael Mercer

The Myth I've Made of My Life
by Dan Zimmerman

The Neoteric Listener and the Ayon CD-1sc CD Player
by Dean Seislove

The (Un)Broken Audiophile
by David McClain, Acudora, Inc.

On the Passing of David Manley… and Manley's First Article for Positive Feedback
by David W. Robinson & David Manley

...and Steve says… Music, Formats, and Accuracy – What Really Matters?
by Steve Lefkowicz

Musing on Building a Digital Music Server Returns: The Synergistic Research Active SE USB Cable, Backing Up Up Your Mac Mini, and Yet Another Use for Strange Attractors
by Andy Schaub

The Memory Player 64: Mark Porzilli's Memory Player Grows UP - Part 2
by Ross Wagner

...and Steve says… More on the Next Generation…
by Steve Lefkowicz

David Manley's Vacuum Tube Logic Purist Recordings
by Teresa Goodwin

In which David Robinson is Interviewed by Wojtek Pacula of High Fidelity Magazine…
by David Robinson

From an Editor's Notebook: Another Update to the PFO Master List of DSD-Capable DACs, January 2013
by David W. Robinson

Audio Ramblings - The Vandersteen Quatro Wood Loudspeakers
by Dave Clark

Mountains and Fog: the Sound of Digital Converters, Part 1
by Lynn Olson

The Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies 32/192 DAC and Tube Analog Headphone Amp
by Andy Schaub

Water Buffalos 21st Century Style
by Al Chieng

DSD News Flash: Premonition Records Announces Downloadable DSD
by David W. Robinson

More on the DSD Revolution: An Additional DSD Resource List, & a New DSD-Capable DAC from Sonore
by David W. Robinson, with Jesus R. and Ted Brady

Resolving for Resolution
by Andreas Koch

More Breaking News about DSD: Merging Technologies Prepares to Release Its Multichannel 256fs (Quad DSD) Horus Converter; Opus3 Records Launches Its DSD Download Store
by David W. Robinson



A New Collaboration Between PF and of Germany
by Danny Kaey

Meet Dirk Sommer of of Germany

Music - A Free Download
by Dirk Sommer

Danny Kaey's First Impressions of the CES 2013 (read it in German)

Review of the quadral Platinum M50 Speaker (read it in German)

Review of the Heed Obelisk SI Integrated Amp and the X-2 Power Supply (read it in German)

Review of the Stereokonzept Modell 3.0 Speaker (read it in English)




Positive Feedback Announces a Special Contest – For Our Readers Who Want to be Writers!
by David W. Robinson

Digital Calm
by Ken Redmond

Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp
by Todd D. Bromgard

My Quest for the Quality Music I Remember from the 70s
by Russell D. Francis

"The Tell Tale Etch" by Edgar Allen Poe
as modified by Howard Rothstein

The Iron Theory – Stereo System Inductive Devices and Impact on Listening Preference
by Jeff LaFortune

Anything Else is Just 'Marketspeak'
by Fred Petersen

Chuck and Diane Lee

MOG, Bassnectar, and Hospitality
by Neill and Ben Grimes


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Allnic Audio H-3000V Phono Stage
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

STEALTH Śakra Interconnects
as reviewed by Greg Weaver




Marten Duke 2 Loudspeakers - a PF Exclusive!
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Wadax PRE 1 Preamplifier
as reviewed by Jim Merod

VH Audio Spectrum Cu Interconnects
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Audioquest The Dragonfly DAC: Incredibly Good Sound at an Entry-Level Price
as reviewed by Tom Gibbs

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Interconnects
as reviewed by Bruce Kinch

Keces DC DC-116 Regulated Power Supply
as reviewed by Andre Marc

Resonessence Labs Invicta DSD-Capable DAC - Out of the Box
as reviewed by Lynn Olson

Allnic Audio HA-3000 Head Amplifier
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Ortofon Rondo Red Phono Cartridge
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky


cary audio




Dan Schmalle - On his life in audio, Bottlehead, The Tape Project, and a buncha other stuff!
by David Robinson



David J. Schulte Interview
by Chip Stern



International CES and T.H.E. Show 2013
by Steve Lefkowicz

International CES and T.H.E. Show 2013 – Part 2
by Steve Lefkowicz


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Thomas Dolby, A Map of the Floating City
by John Acton

Elgar Orchestral Works
by Stephen Francis Vasta

DJ Shadow, Reconstructed – The Best of DJ Shadow
by Michael Mercer

Notes of an Amateur: Schnittke, Rihm, & Adès.
by Bob Neill

Linn Records, Naxos, LSO Live, Idil Biret Beethoven Con. Vol. 3.
by Karl Lozier

Notes of an Amateur: Top 10 Favorite CD's for 2012
by Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Penderecki, Part 1. Jeremy Denk plays Ligeti (and Beethoven).
by Bob Neill

Scott Walker's Bish Bosch on LP
by Marc Phillips

Nosaj Thing, Home
by Michael Mercer

Rush, Clockwork Angels
by John Acton

Contrasts in Sound: The latest MA Hi-res DVD-ROM and Their First Recording
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes of an Amateur: The Alexander Quartet's Shostakovich.
by Bob Neill

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Born Today: March's Children
by Timothy Roth

Notes of an Amateur: Happy 100th Birthday, Benjamin Britten.
by Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Penderecki II, Telemann, Goerne's Schubert lieder 7.
by Bob Neill

Musical Impressions: Amber Rubarth, Sessions from the 17th Ward - A 192kHz/24-bit PCM Download from HDTracks
by David W. Robinson




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