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Positive Feedback ISSUE 68
july/august 2013





Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



Sonic Satori - Audeze LCD3 Headphones, Why I Love These Magic Cans
by Michael Mercer

Sablon Audio - The Corona Family of Power Cords: The Petit Corona, the Gran Corona, and the Quantum Gran Corona
by Jeff Day

The Audio Circular 4 - A Series of Parallel Narratives: My Take on The Mytek... A DAC Story
by Gary L. Beard

Finding the Right Carrot
by Roger Skoff

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Sonic Satori - ALO's Studio Six Valve Headphone Amplifier... Class Defining
by Michael Mercer

How Was The Show?
by Warren Chi

Kool Aid
by Ray Chowkwanyun

Should New Master Recordings be Analog, DSD or 24-Bit PCM?
by Teresa Goodwin

Investigations of an Artful Mind: A Brisk Walk through the Museum
by Daniel Zimmerman

Musings on Building a Digital Music Server: Ripping Vinyl with the Apogee Duet 2 and Pure Vinyl
by Andy Schaub

Dave Glackin Memorial Scholarship Fund Now Established
David W. Robinson & Kathryn McEachern Glackin, with an assist to Ray Chowkwanyun

Audio Ramblings - PureAudio Vinyl Phono Preamplifier
by Dave Clark

The Acoustic Revive Chronicles: Chapter 10
by Jeff Day

The Neoteric Listener and the Luxman SQ-30u Integrated Amplifier
by Dean Seislove

Digital Media Marvel: The Oppo BDP-105
by Timothy Roth

Hot Review: The NOS Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier Tube (Replaces GZ34/5AR4) - Bargain Priced! Awesome Sound!
by Robert H. Levi

Acoustic Sounds Announces New DSD Download Site: Super Hirez!
by David W. Robinson



Review of the Pluto Audio 12A Carbon Cobra turntable, the 6A Greece tonearm and the van den Hul Colibri Platinum cartridge (read it in English) NEW

Review of the Lyra Atlas cartridge (read it in German)

Free Download of three songs played by the Lyra Atlas

Review of the Cessaro Chopin horn loudspeakers (read it in German)

Review of the AMR ifi iDAC + iUSBPower (read it in German)

Review of the Mystère ca11 and pa11 pre and power tube amplifiers (read it in German)

Review of the Klangwellen Manufaktur Cantano turntable and tonearm (read it in German)

Review of the EAT Yosegi Cartridge (read it in German)

Free Download of three songs played by the EAT Yosegi

Review of the Audio Consulting Reference RCA interconnect (read it in German)

Review of the Acoustic System resonators and phase correctors (read it in German)

Review of the Transrotor Kopfhoererverstaerker headphone amplifier (read it in German)

Review of the Teac AI-502DA integrated amplifier (read it in German)

Review of the Icos 270 Elsberg and Icos Fade Elsberg integrated amp and CD-Player (read it in German)



The Whole Story (or sort of)...
by Wojciech Pacuła

KR Audio Electronics - Kronzilla VA680
as reviewed by Wojciech Pacuła

Krakow Sonic Society with Ken Ishiguro (ACOUSTIC REVIVE)
by Wojciech Pacuła

Harmonic Resolution Systems - M3X-1921 RD Isolation Base
by Wojciech Pacuła




Positive Feedback Announces a Special Contest – For Our Readers Who Want to be Writers!
by David W. Robinson

Digital Calm
by Ken Redmond

Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp
by Todd D. Bromgard

My Quest for the Quality Music I Remember from the 70s
by Russell D. Francis

"The Tell Tale Etch" by Edgar Allen Poe
as modified by Howard Rothstein

The Iron Theory – Stereo System Inductive Devices and Impact on Listening Preference
by Jeff LaFortune

Anything Else is Just 'Marketspeak'
by Fred Petersen

Chuck and Diane Lee

MOG, Bassnectar, and Hospitality
by Neill and Ben Grimes

Learning To Listen
by Alón Sagee

Transparent Audio REF XL Cables and Power Products
by Peter Ayer

Skogrand SCI Markarian 421
by Danon Han Hong Den


deqx banner


Ascend Audio CBM-170 Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Inex Innovation The A200 Linestage and A100 Amplifiers - Listening by Light
as reviewed by Michael Wechsberg with comments by Robert Levi

PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Preamplifier and Stereo Amplifier
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Pro-Ject Xperience Classic Turntable
as reviewed by John Hoffman

MG Audio Planus II Loudspeaker Cables
as reviewed by Tom Gibbs




Schiit Audio Mjolnir Headphone Amplifier
as reviewed by Al Chieng

Bergmann Audio Sleipner Turntable
by Dirk Sommer

Metronome The T3A and Calypso Transports and the C8 Reference DAC
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

WyWires Power Broker AC Distributor
as reviewed by Michael Wechsberg

KEF LS50 50th Anniversary Loudspeakers - The Little Truth Tellers
as reviewed by Mark Pearson

Merrill Audio Veritas Amplifiers
as reviewed by Guido D. Corona

Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

Janszen Electrostatic zA2.1 Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Roger S. Gordon

Brinkmann Oasis Turntable, 10.0 Tonearm, and Pi Cartridge
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Tekton Pendragon Loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Zurek

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced Phono and Speaker cables
as reviewed by Bruce Kinch

Von Schweikert Audio VR-22: Shattering Price-to-Performance Expectations
as reviewed by Greg Weaver


cary audio


Dan Schmalle - On his life in audio, Bottlehead, The Tape Project, and a buncha other stuff!
by David Robinson



Interview with Gerhard Hirt of Ayon Audio
by Dr. Jürgen Saile

Robinson Interview with Chad Kassem: Acoustic Sound Super Hirez Download Site Going Live
by David Robinson



A Pictorial Report of THE Show - Newport 2013
by Dave and Carol Clark

Capitol Audiofest, 2013
by Scott Dorsey


laoc banner



Notes of an Amateur: Mullova's Bach, Podger's Bach, Mahler One, Ligeti's Organ Music.
by Bob Neill

Vinyl in the Round
by Ken Micallef

Opus 3 DSD Downloads
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes of an Amateur: Saariaho and Bach.
by Bob Neill

New Horizons: Stan Kenton Conducts the Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra
by Scott Dorsey

In Reel Time - A Trio of Tape Releases
by Myles B. Astor

New Releases from PentaTone, NCA, Sony, Tudor, and Azica
by Karl Lozier

Schumann and Dohnányi Piano Quintets Arranged for Piano and String Orchestra
by Stephen Francis Vasta

JJ Cale in Session at the Paradise Studios, Los Angeles, 1979
by Ray Chowkwanyun

e.s.t.'s Tuesday Wonderland and Viaticum
by Andy Schaub

Sonic Satori - Fuck Buttons, Slow Focus
by Michael Mercer

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Star Trek - The Original Series (TOS) 1966-1969: Complete Soundtrack Collection
by Jeremy R. Kipnis

Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular, Part One
by Ray Chowkwanyun and Bob Duchan of the original Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular

Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl August 10th
by Annie Merkley

Notes of an Amateur: Short Summer Takes. Music@Menlo, 2012; Bruckner's 4th; David Matthews; and George Perle.
by Bob Neill




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