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Positive Feedback ISSUE 70
november/december 2013


Brutus Awards for 2013
by Dave Clark

I am not going to go into any detail here as one can easily go the reviews and get a way better picture of why I chose these, but for those who must know, all of these allowed me to become WAY more involved, engaged, engrossed, 'in-/en-' whatever with my music. These products simply made all my music that much better and that much more fun to listen to! While they all upped the music sonically and audiophilly-so, they did something else… they goosed up that intangible essence that made my music oh so right! So my Brutus Awards go to…

The DEQX Mateeverything sounds better! ...Issue67/deqx_mate.htm

The Vandersteen Quatro Wood Loudspeakers… still my only 'Bucket List' speaker. ...Issue65/vandersteen.htm

WyWires Litespd USB cable ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

Pi Audio MPC/Mini++ AC Cord ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

PAD Aquila Digital AC Cord and Ultimate USB Cable... Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

Skogrand SC Markarian 421 Interconnect and Speaker Cables ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

Audio Magic Pulse Electron Alignment ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini Platform ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm

CAT700 Carbon Ethernet Cables from AudioQuest ...Issue70/ramblings_2013.htm