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Positive Feedback ISSUE 9
october/november 2003


VSAC 2003 - A Terrific Regional Fine Audio Show!
Photo Essay, Part I: The First Day

by David W. Robinson

(All photographs and image processing by Robinson)

Sometimes I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by. It wasn't that long ago that I was reporting about the Vacuum State of the Art Conference (VSAC) 2001, a regional fine audio show based in the Pacific Northwest. I had attended VSAC 1998 (which was the second iteration, as I recall), had an excellent time, and had reported very favorably on the event in Positive Feedback all the way back in Vol. 7, No. 6.

When an opportunity had presented itself to reprise that experience in September of 2001, I had no intention of missing out! Once more, Doc B. and the Bottlehead gang ( had somehow managed to find the time to put VSAC together again, a feat of heavy lifting that I can appreciate all too well. The 2001 gathering turned out even better than 1998 had been, as I reported in Positive Feedback, Vol. 9, No. 3. Frankly, that show was one of the best times that I've ever had at an audio bash… I have nothing but fond memories of the people and the music that year.

So I was really pleased to hear that Doc B. and Ron Welborne of Welborne Labs ( had teamed up to put VSAC on one more time at the same site as it had been in past: the Silverdale Hotel in Silverdale, Washington.

doc_b_01.jpg (36215 bytes)

Dan Schmalle (AKA "Doc B.") of Bottlehead

welborne_horn.jpg (28010 bytes)

Ron Welborne of Welborne Labs

silverdale_red_lion.jpg (20746 bytes)

The Silverdale Red Lion Hotel, site of some bloody lively audio bashes!

Several of us with Positive Feedback Online decided that we absolutely had to attend: Dave Clark, Carol Clark, Dave Glackin, Stan Ricker and Roger S. Gordon all flew up from the LA area, and joined Lila Ritsema and yours truly to share the good times, and check out the new audio designs. We also knew that my good audiobuds Steve Rochlin of and Srajan Ebaen of were also planning to be there, and I had heard that another friend, Rod Morris of, was going to show up as well. (I missed other very good friends like George Cardas, Mike Pappas, Rick Gardner, Ed Meitner, and Scott Frankland this time ‘round; here's hoping that they are able to make it next time!)

VSAC is about the people, great food and drink, choice cigars, and enjoying your friends just as much as it is about fine audio—which is the way things should be, I think.

And the fun started right after we arrived on Friday, October 3, our first day there…

cohen_kafton.jpg (22351 bytes)

Joseph Cohen of PranaWire and Alan Kafton of Audio Excellence

Dave Glackin, Lila and I ran into Stan Ricker, Dave Clark and Carol Clark as soon as we walked into the lobby. After getting checked in, and it being late afternoon, we decided to head to the restaurant for a quick libation… and immediately encountered Joseph Cohen and Alan Kafton. We've known these fine gents for a long time… so we had a table next to theirs, and proceeded to get into the "good times groove" immediately!

ricker_gordon_glackin.jpg (26253 bytes)

Stan Ricker, Roger Gordon, and Dave Glackin of Positive Feedback Online — great friends, all…

After finishing a quick bite, and before we went outside for the evening festivities, the group of us grabbed a few "in between" minutes, went upstairs to the third floor, and squeezed in an advance peek at the first open room we came to: the Lowther America/Experience Music/Redpoint Audio room. (It was irresistible; I couldn't see snagging an adult beverage without just one look at some of the great equipment that I knew just had to be hiding. I was right; it was.)

clark_turntable01.jpg (28799 bytes)

Peter Clark's Red Point turntable—a real work of art!

experience_music_amps.jpg (21595 bytes)

The Experience Music Amplifer setup

lowther_blue_horn.jpg (35494 bytes)

Now that, my friends, is a Lowther horn! And frankly, this Lowther sounded better than any Lowther that I've ever heard: deep, clean, dynamic… and no evidence of honkiness with the Experience Music amps.

ricker_clark_turntable.jpg (40998 bytes)

Stan Ricker (left) checks out notes from Redpoint's designer, Peter Clark (right). Note the hefty record clamp… don't drop that on your foot!

power_wing_red_point.jpg (25659 bytes)

Power conditioning was provided by audio excellence's Power Wing; the sound was clean and detailed in this room, and in the other rooms that the Wing was used.

red_point_platter.jpg (29840 bytes)

The innovative Redpoint platter: A Teflon platter with oil and shot on Aluminum substrata and mount… dig the multi-faceted design and the broad drive band! Very cool…and it sounded great. (Perhaps work like this will shake some of the lethargy out of fine turntable manufacturing; some of the established firms are sleepwalking!)

jeffrey_jackson_experience_.jpg (46345 bytes)

Jeffrey Jackson of Experience Music—a great fellow, and passionate about SETs. The world could use more of that!

peter_clark_armpod.jpg (39222 bytes)

Peter Clark demonstrates his innovative arm pod…no attachment needed! Want to have two or three tone arms and cartridges available whenever you like? No problem! 9", 10", 12" tonearms… heck, go for it, eh?

ricker_redpoint.jpg (40944 bytes)

…all of which left Stan "The Man!" Ricker pretty impressed….

rochlin_hall.jpg (33417 bytes)

On our way out, we ran into our good audiobud and lover of fine cigars and great cars, Steve Rochlin, editor of… a great guy! And that is definitely a spiffy looking smoking jacket, my man!

Naturally, all this gear gandering left us a bit thirsty and ready to sit down…

carol_beer.jpg (28555 bytes)

Carol Clark of PFO shows off her microbrewski technique! Ongawa!

…which meant going out onto the back patio overlooking Puget Sound, having a few drinks, and meeting friends. Doc B. and Ron had arranged for some live music… a good three-piece blues group…who served up some very decent tunes.

ebaen_clark_outside.jpg (33042 bytes)

Srajan Ebaen of and Dave Clark of PFO on the back patio. (Yep, this is how they look before they've had a few drinks!)

band_crowd_outside.jpg (33805 bytes)

…while audio lovers gather!

welborne_glackin_outside.jpg (29812 bytes)

Ron Welborne and Dave Glackin converse over some fine Alaskan Amber.

wright_unknown_outside.jpg (31244 bytes)

Allen Wright of Vacuum State Electronics (left) and an unidentified ‘phile taking it easy…

After listening to music for a while, the PFO gang,, and decided to duck out early for dinner at our local "surf and turf" restaurant. This is what fine audio shows are really about: getting together with people who care passionately about music and audio reproduction.

pfo_dinner_friday_01.jpg (28260 bytes)

Chow time! From left to right at our table: Roger S. Gordon, Steve Rochlin, Dave Glackin, Stan Ricker, Carol Clark, Dave Clark, and Srajan Ebaen.

pfo_dinner_friday_02.jpg (24950 bytes)

Stan Ricker, Carol Clark, Dave Clark, and Srajan Ebaen… good times a-plenty at VSAC!

After a late cigar, we went to bed early; Saturday was going to be a long day….

(Stay tuned.)