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Positive Feedback ISSUE 9
october/november 2003


Positive Feedback Online's VSAC 2003 "X Files" - Photos That They Didn't Pay Us Enough Not To Print!
by David Robinson


(Photos and image processing by yers truly!)

Yes, I admit it… it's true! I did manage a photograph or two at VSAC that were definitely on the outrageous side. You'll get a sense for the real fun of VSAC when you see these… and you'll also see what you're missing when you don't show up!

(Then again, after seeing these maybe you'll be glad that you didn't!)

rochlin_ebaen_couch.jpg (47889 bytes)

Yessir, there's just something about two audiophile editors and a couch, eh?! Maestros Rochlin and Ebaen enjoy an exchange of views before dinner…

clark_morris.jpg (37922 bytes)

And here we have PFO Editor Dave Clark (left) with Audio Asylum's Rod Morris (right)… a quiet moment in the halls at VSAC 2003... as the viewer tries to figure out where the heck are their other hands?!

cigar_pit.jpg (48468 bytes)

After a great dinner of Thai food, there's nothing like sitting outside at the fire pit, smokin' great cigars and sippin' that preferred adult beverage…

morris_rochlin_etc.jpg (48594 bytes)

…yep, there's nothing like that quiet moment at the fire pit smokin' cigars! Rod Morris of AA and Stevie-o Rochlin compare notes on their favorite Cubanos…you know, "Is that a cigar, Steve, or are you just glad to see me?!" Alan Kafton adds a definite touch to the moment, while Dave and Carol Clark get ready to sign a notarized statement….

kafton_rochlin_bathrobe.jpg (51764 bytes)

After a LONG night of audiophile hoo-rah, our good friend Steve "Mr. Ferrari!" Rochlin was wise enough to take it easy at breakfast. Here he appears in the dining room the next morning, ably escorted by Maestro Kafton, wearing his trés chic silk bathrobe and Cohiba Cubano doggie slippers.

rochlin_cohiba_doggy_slippe.jpg (35792 bytes)

 Uh, we kid you not!

mr_legs.jpg (69119 bytes)

Finally, the ultimate mystery shot!!!

The first person who can identify "Mr. Leggs" will win a free SACD courtesy of Ye Olde Editor and Positive Feedback Online.

And no, no hints. There's plenty enough bare skin on display for you to guess by!