Realize the True Sonic Potential
Your Analog Studio



 Nothing you can do will improve the sonic quality of your
analog studio as dramatically as switching to a Sonoma DSD
Multitrack Recorder-Editor with an Ed Meitner front end.

This Sonoma System... itís not like sound reproduction... itís like being in the room with first generation audio. It is the best sound I ever heard. Not only for digital media, it makes analog sound silly. If this Sonoma thing catches on, it will revolutionize the recording industry. Using it put years on my life professionally."
- Jim Dickinson, Producer, John Hiattís "Master of Disaster"


A True DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Multitrack Recorder-Editor

At a sample rate 64 times that of the compact disc, the Sonoma is a one bit sigma delta recorder whose sonic character is naturally analog like. Originally developed as an archive technology to capture every nuance of an analog master, DSD is a break-through new technology that dramatically raises the quality bar for recorded music. The Sonoma DSD multi-track, now available in configurations up to 32 tracks, removes the sonic quality ceiling while providing the powerful recording and editing features youíre used to with traditional digital workstations.