At Issue . . .

The Higher End, by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

How We Hear...Do We All Hear The Same Information?, by Ernie Fisher

Here’s A $25,000 Gift!, by Harvey (The Scrooge Gizmo!) Rosenberg

OUR COVER — The Other End Of The Single-End: Modern Horns Done With Flare! An Interview With Dr. Bruce Edgar, by Dave Glackin

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the audio analyst — Hardware Reviews And The Loss Of "Cool": Notes From A Conversation With Mondial’s Anthony Federici, by Greg Weaver

The Gryphon S-100 Amplifier: Neutrality & Elegance Combined, by Marc Lawrence

Positively dB’s Feedback, by Doug Blackburn

In Search Of The Final Tonearm, by Roger S. Gordon & Panel

The Goldman Record Cleaning System, by Bruce Kinch

The Audiofile, by John Pearsall

Live From Casa Saxon: Egglestonworks and Krell — Somewhere in Paradise!, by James Saxon

A Follow-Up To "The Magic of Design and Synergy", by Scott Frankland & Brian Hartsell

The Mysteries Of His System, The Verses In His Life: A Love Story, Part 4, by Barry Grant

The Audition: Part 2, by Roger Hecht

Acoustics, The Lost Brother of Architecture, by Art Noxon

From Clark Johnsen's Diary: On The Trail of True Acoustic Sound, by Clark Johnsen

Music, Love, Death, And All . . . ., by Shane Sturrock

The Topaz: A Great Canadian Single-Ended From Wytech Labs, by Ernie Fisher & Staff

The Kudos Files — Hales Concept 3 Loudspeaker; Tice Power Block III, Signature Series; Other News and Notes, by David W. Robinson

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