At Issue . . .

The Higher End, by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

Notes On The Mesa Baron Amplifier, by Bruce Manoly

On The Margins: Becoming Satisfied, by Tom Davis

OUR COVER — TRIODZILLAŠ Cometh!!, by Harvey "A Wiz of a Giz!" Rosenberg

An Interview With Wheaton Triplanar’s Herb Papier, by Tom Lyle

London Town Sound: Samplings From London’s Hi-Fi ’96, by Kurt Morgan

Positively dB’s Feedback, by Doug Blackburn

Is Polygamy Wrong? The New Atma-Sphere OTL Amplifier, by Harvey "The Kilt" Rosenberg

the audio analyst — Loudspeaker Cable: Simple Passive Connection or Complex Dynamic Component, by Greg Weaver

Critical Reception, by Scott Dorsey

The Vinyl Cheapskate: Black Diamond Racing Pyramid Cones and the VMPS FF3 Loudspeaker, by Roger S. Gordon

Relationships, Compromises, Hooters, and High-End Audio, by Doug Schneider

Dr. Gizmo’s Book Review: The Soul of Sound by Lynn Olson, by Harvey Rosenberg

Sound Valves VTP-101i Preamplifier and M-60i Monoblock Amplifier, by Bob Sireno

The Audiofile, by John Pearsall

Hidden Gold, by George Mardinly

Da Ninth! : A Survey of Beethoven Ninth Recordings, by Raymond Chowkwanyun

DIY Project: The SDS Labs Headphone Amplifier, by Sheldon D. Stokes

The Sweet Spot: A Survey of New Isolation Devices, by Clay Swartz

The Audition: Part 3, by Roger Hecht

The Soundfield, by Mike Pappas

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From Clark Johnsen's Diary: Triode Records, Sensibilities, and 78s, by Clark Johnsen

Pensays: A Gallery of Meditations in Sketch, by Dan Zimmerman

The Kudos Files — Copland’s Fine Ensemble; Lindsay’s New Speaker Cable

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