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The Higher End/Impressions: KORA‘s 100SB triode monoblock amp & Merlin‘s VSM-SE loudspeaker with BAM , by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

Short Takes: The Camelot Uther v.2 DAC and the Shamrock Audio Eire Speaker, by Tom Davis

Designer‘s Response, by Mike McCall

Dorsey Does AES ‘97, by Scott Dorsey

Manley Labs: Winner of the Triode Guild Annual Award for Thermionic Coolosity™, by Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg

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the audio analyst – A Weekend Tweakfest for the Economically Challenged!, by Greg Weaver

Our Cover: Michael Green & The Tunability Revolution, A Positive Feedback Roundtable Conversation, by Michael Green & "Dah River City Gang!"

Positively dB’s Feedback: RoomTune, Kimber, Nordost, & VansEvers, by Doug Blackburn

The Vinyl Cheapskate, Part One — A Tale of Two Systems: Joule Electra & BAT, by Roger S. Gordon

Designer‘s Notes, by Jud Barber

The Vinyl Cheapskate, Part Two — The Herron Phono Preamp, by Roger S. Gordon

Highly Biased Output: Bybee, Merlin, Atma-Sphere, KORA, & NOVA USA , by Jennifer Crock

The Audiophile, by John Pearsall

I Was A Teen-Aged Hi-Fi Nut, Part One, by John Pearsall

Manoly‘s Mumblings: The Audio Research CD2 Digital Transport/CD Player, by Bruce Manoly

The Sunfire Power Amp, by Dave Barger

From Clark Johnsen's Diary: A Life In The Arts, by Clark Johnsen

DIY Project: The Welborne Laurel II 300B Monoblock Amplifier Kit, by Jeff Silverstein

Gershman Acoustics Loudspeakers Model GAP 520-X, by Ernie Fisher

The Mysteries of His System, The Verses in His Life: A Love Story, Part Six, by Barry Grant

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