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The Higher End: DSD/SACD & The New Sony SCD-1: A New Paradigm, by David W. Robinson 6

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond...We Respond Right Back! 8

On The Margins: "This is Good Enough," Part I: "Audio Satisfaction" Revisited, by Tom Davis 14

The Next 100 Years — "Music: Don’t Just Listen To It, Eat It!," by Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg 19

Impressions I: The Audio Research Corporation LS-25 Preamp

& VT-100 Mk. II Amplifier, by David W. Robinson 24

OUR COVER — Impressions II: The Linn CD-12 CD Player, by David W. Robinson 30

Why I Hate the Linn CD-12!!, by Mike Pappas 33

The Linn CD-12 & the Art of Audio Design: Mike Pappas

Talks With Alan Clark, by Mike Pappas 34

Positive Feedback Subscription Form 44

The Audio Scribe: The Rogue Eighty-Eight Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier, by Gerald Burt 46

Back to the Future: Poogeing the Marantz 7T Preamp, by His Dudeliness, Charles Hollander 49

Manoly’s Mumblings: The Diapason Adamantes III, Wires from JPS Labs, and the Mesa Baron, Revisited, by Bruce Manoly 52

The Grado Reference RA-1 Reference Headphone Amp: Dudely Product of the Year?, by His Dudeliness, Charles Hollander 59

Comparing Headphones: Grado and Sennheiser, by The Poogeosity, Charles Hollander 62

The Tie That Binds...or...Geez Dude, I am COMPLETELY Wired! JENA Labs,

Symphony Speaker Cable and Balanced Interconnects, & ESP

(Essence Sound Products) Power Cords and Power Distributor, by Rick Gardner 65

Doc B.’s VALVE — The Ultimate Tweak: A Dedicated Listening Room, by Doc B. 72

Doc B.’s World of VALVE — A DIY Project for SET: The Slim, by Nick Salamouras 78

Mo’ Music! JVC XRCD2’s, DCC, MoFi, et al., by Rick Gardner 84

Editor’s Choice Recordings: SACD’s here!, by Ye Olde Editor 87

Connecting to the Music Again! A Response to DSD/SACD, by John Pearsall 91

From Clark Johnsen’s Diary: The Art of Knowing, The Craft of Listening, by Clark Johnsen 94

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