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The Higher End: On Quality in Audio, by David W. Robinson 6

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond...We Respond Right Back! 8

On The Margins: "This is Good Enough," Part II: "Audio Satisfaction" Revisited, by Tom Davis 10

The Digital Devil & The 4th Wave, by Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg 14

The Audiophobe File: A Haven for Audiomates!, by Laura Lovell 20

Music, Sound and Personalities — Year 2000 WCES and T.H.E. Show, by Dave Glackin 22

Belly Up to the Sidebar, Boys! Ricker on CES 2000, by Stan "The Man!" Ricker 30

OUR COVER — SACD, SETs, Lowthers, and Other Life Forms: In Which PF Takes a Magical Mystery Tour!, by David W. Robinson 32

Designer’s Notes: The WPA 3.5 Mono Power Amp, by George Wright 42

Doc B.’s World of VALVE DIY Project: Single-Ended Direct Coupled Active Loaded Parallel Feed 45, by Doc B., John Tucker, Mike LaFevre, John Camille, & Kim Jenkins 46

Positive Feedback Subscription Form 48

Nothing is as Simple as We Would Like: More on the 47 Laboratory Gaincard Amplifier, by Rick Gardner 51

White Light...Shimmering Heat! The Bel Canto 845-SE Mk. II, by Rick Gardner 52

A Tale of Two CDs: The BAT VK-D5 & VK-D5-SE CD players, by Rick Gardner 56

Highly Biased Output: The Battle is Over, The War Has Been One — Or, A Little Bit on SACD, by Jennifer WhiteWolf Crock 60

Of SACD & Religious Experiences..., by Rick Gardner 62

Monty Python & The Holy Grail of Audio: The Garrard is back!, by His Dudeliness, Charles Hollander 64

Oktoberfest, by His Dudeliness, Charles Hollander 68

The Audio Century, Part I: The Twentieth Century and the Birth of Audio Technology — Some Thoughts on Where We’ve Been, and Where We Might Be Going, by John Pearsall 76

Editor’s Choice Recordings: More SACDs here!, by Ye Olde Editor 86

Mo’ Music!, by Rick Gardner 88

The Vinyl Cheapskate: The Search for Vinyl in Merry Olde England!, by Roger S. Gordon 91

Manoly’s Mumblings: The Harmonic Precision Alfa Mini-Monitors, by Bruce Manoly 93

From Clark Johnsen’s Diary: Notes From Beyond, by Clark Johnsen 95

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More Editor’s Choice Recordings!, by David W. Robinson 100