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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 2 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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The Audes/BAT/Ginko room was very nice with a full sounding musical presentation that far exceeded the speakers' and room's size.

P1010181.jpg (23547 bytes)

More Audes speakers standing at the ready. Very nicely finished for the money.

P1010182.jpg (19977 bytes)

The Ginko Cloud 10 isolation platform that uses "rubber" balls set in dimples. Really cool idea and one that works with no complications of set-up.

P1010184.jpg (22695 bytes)

The Von Gaylord (formerly Legend Audio) showing pretty much what they have in the past. Nice sound, but nothing to get too excited about, except...

P1010185.jpg (25136 bytes)

Liquid cooled tube amplifiers! Holly catastrophe waiting to happen, Batman!

P1010186.jpg (21443 bytes)

Hard to see, but the cylinder is filled with a special dielectric cooling fluid to cool the tube! Called the Uni (Sea Urchin) they retail for $28,000 a pair. Sea monkies are not included in the price.

P1010188.jpg (22022 bytes)

Dali loudspeakers along with Ming-Da and Zantech electronics. Sounded rather good for being so big and tall in a small room. Met Mr. Bertrand the importer—and he was also tall! Will say that the Dali speakers offer a fit and finish that is truly stellar.

P1010189.jpg (33414 bytes)

The Ming-Da amplifiers—four to be exact. Ba-ding!

P1010190.jpg (23086 bytes)

The Messenger preamplifier, that takes us back to the early 40s in terms of aesthetics, but to the 21st century in terms of sound.

P1010192.jpg (19032 bytes)

The Audio Analogue room with Magellon speakers dwarfing the listener—another "smallish" room with very big speakers!

P1010193.jpg (14310 bytes)

The Audio Analogue Primo electronics that will retail for under a grand.

P1010195.jpg (27732 bytes)

The Audio Analogue Aria phono stage also coming in at under a grand. How they do it is beyond me.

P1010197.jpg (19310 bytes)

TG Audio showed the Bob Crump system of choice—that is it is pretty much Bob's own system. Sounded rather fine too. The Parasound Halo amplifiers and Rockport speakers along with Acme Audio's various products were used to round out the system.

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The incredible shrinking Bob Crump. He seemed a lot taller last year.

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JJ Electronics understated signage which detracted from the overall musical sound.

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Ah, friends at last!