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Positive Feedback ISSUE 69
september/october 2013



Platinum Interconnects and Silver Phono Cables

as reviewed by Robert H. Levi


wywires Platinum Interconnect

After watching WyWires develop and perfect their wire style since 2003, it is no wonder that their latest top-of-the-line generation of handmade interconnects is a triumph in technology and musicality. Gone is any vestige of non-linearity or smear. Missing is any lack of detail or focus. Imaging is now so solid it seems welded in place. Depth, width, and height are astounding and truly magical. Though they are called Platinum and Silver, they cost well under $2000 and are, without a doubt, the finest interconnects I have ever auditioned below that price level. If WyWires was a major league slugger, I would say he just hit a Grand Slam Home Run right out of the cable ball yard!

With the Platinum wire in house in both RCA and XLR, and the Silver phono in RCA, I began by further breaking in all three wires in FM Tuner circuits for a week as requested by the manufacturer. The cables had already seen 100 hours on a cable cooker, so they must need some real R&R to really sing. The Platinum wires are made of pure copper litz and are not shielded. They are terminated in silver Xhadow Connectors, which grab like crazy. The Silver Phono cables are also pure litz, but are well shielded and super quiet for low-level application. That is all I really know, other than how they perform.

I compared the WyWires to my reference wires: Kubala-Sosna Elation, Jorma Origo, and Kimber 1036. My observations are direct comparisons to these much more expensive interconnects.

The Platinum Interconnect

From the first note, the Platinum performed way beyond its weight class. The high band was open, smooth, and sophisticated. I detected no edge or undue crispness. I particularly loved the violin played with great gusto by Heifetz on the RCA SACD Hybrid 82876, loaded with sweet sparkle and delicacy that tickled your ears like ear candy with the Platinums. It truly sounded like a $5 mil violin. Tons of air and special cues were present on the SACD layer on the Modwright Sony player. You were aware of gorgeous snap and drive as well. All was very realistic and lacked extremely little.

The vocals of Margareta Bengston, Spice of Life, SOL 0001, were terrific and mellifluous. Her voice floats and soars with great beauty and elegance. The mid band of the Platinum is layered just as it should be and beautifully matched in power and authority to the high and lows. I loved the sense of reality. The flash of horns offered that burnished, yet bright, sound any audiophile looks for. Dynamics, both micro and macro, were right as rain. The studio or hall sounds were well stated and not compressed or obscured. Listening was a real education for me, as I did not expect this kind of performance at this price point.


In Dialoghi from Yarlung Records, 78876, the bottom notes of the cello were open, smooth, and alive with growl. The cello cabinet resounded with power and beauty. There were lots of air and hall sounds excited by the cello and piano. The bass range was superb with every disk, and well integrated. Listening was never fatiguing or boring. The Platinum is super quiet, as well.

Just received Ciaramella Dances from Yarlung Records, their newest release, 96819, a real stunner of Renaissance music and dance. This CD is as good as this medium gets, and a jewel through the Platinums. Alive with definition, the "you are there" sound pops into the room right before your ears. Best imaging, pacing, and sense of verisimilitude I have ever heard from a CD, ever! Buy the CD and the Platinums to play it with! Buy a dozen CDs and give them as Christmas gifts! Bravo Yarlung!

Quibbles? At $5000 per meter, I might be able to come up with a few comments. 

If you are shopping around $1400, you will not find anything to touch it, nada.

The Silver Phono Interconnect

wywires Silver Phono Interconnect

Also made of copper litz and well shielded, it is supremely quiet. I love the Xhadow RCA connectors which snap mightily into place and feel super secure and well grounded. The Silver comes with an attached ground wire terminated in spades, should you require it. I compared it to my references: Jorma Number 1, Jorma Origo, and Kubala-Sosna Emotion.

My comments regarding the Platinum are on target with the Silver used as a phono cable. It appears to have vanishingly low capacitance and to be very stealthy in the circuit. Dynamics exploded with this wire, and definition was extraordinary. It lacked a small bit of definition when compared to the Jorma Origo (at 4 times the price), when used with the London Reference moving magnet cartridge, but it was hard to really tell. They were closer than not, and the Silver did have brighter tonal colors which I mightily enjoyed. I am not sure if there is a right or wrong here. The Silver is outstanding phono wire no matter how you look at it or listen to it. The Silver is the best WyWires phono cable to date, and a terrific reference. It will join my phono arsenal of "the best of the best."


The new WyWires Platinum Interconnect and Silver Phono Cable are magnificent super high value offerings, from a company based right here in America manufacturing in Southern California. Practice makes perfect, and guess what? WyWires has hit the bullís eye with these wires. They are reference grade, even for the jaded audiophile. I love them, and love the fact that you won't need a home loan to buy them. These wires are the product of an engineer who loves music, and has superior audio taste that shows in his work.

My top recommendation for WyWires Platinum Interconnect and Silver Phono Cable. Best interconnects under $2000 per meter I know of, period. Extraordinary. Robert H. Levi

One 2.0M Single ended Platinum Series
MSRP $1499

One 2.0M Balanced Platinum Series
MSRP $1599

One 1.2M Silver Series Phono
MSRP $1199